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  • Gameday Guide: Texas Tech - As I have said many times, Lubbock isn’t exactly my favorite town. Despite that, there are several spots you needContinue Reading
  • Gameday Guide: TCU - Over my years here at OU and traveling the Big 12, one town in particular stands out to me asContinue Reading
  • Ames - Oklahoma sports has taken me amazing places. I’ve seen the Sooners play from coast to coast, from the Rose BowlContinue Reading
  • Lawrence: The Lost Trip - *hit play for added effect* As some of you know, last season I went to all the home and roadContinue Reading
  • Stillwater - You know, I think I’d like Stillwater a lot more if I wasn’t an OU fan. From the unbiased eye,Continue Reading
  • Manhattan - There are some places that you know exactly what you are going to get. You expect greatness out of Columbus,Continue Reading
  • Dallas - There really isn’t anything quite like Oklahoma and Texas on the second Saturday in October. Everyone will tell you thatContinue Reading
  • Waco - The road to hitting every game on the schedule isn’t fully paved with classics. This weekend in Waco, certainly wasn’tContinue Reading
  • Columbus - “Alright folks, it’s time to get out!”, an Ohio state trooper bellowed out to the few left in Ohio Stadium.Continue Reading