Around the Big 12: Week 9

Last Week: 4-1

Overall: 30-10

That .750 percentile though!! Somehow i’ve done pretty decent this season in straight up picks. Against the spread? Ehhhh let’s ignore that.

Anyways, this is going to be an interesting weekend in the Big 12. The championship race is starting to come into picture, teams are getting pushed down the ladder to bowl eligibility, all the usual midseason bullshit.

#4 TCU @ #25 Iowa State (TCU -6.5) 

GOD BLESS THAT #25 NEXT TO IOWA STATE! Seriously, this one is hard to pick a side to root for. On one hand, Iowa State’s rapid rise makes our loss look far less shitty. One the other hand, we need as many big wins as we can get, and TCU would be a crown jewel of a win. In terms of how the two sides match up….tough call here. TCU is the better team, but Iowa State is so damn squirrelly. I just can’t stomach picking them this time. TCU, 31-28

Kansas State @ Kansas (KSU -24.0)

Get hype for the biggest rivalry in college football!!! Kansas was described by Dan LeBetard earlier this week as “the most incompetent thing that I’ve seen in major sports”. And honestly, it’s really hard to disagree with him. There is no excuse for this team being this bad in a major conference. They haven’t scored in two games. They needed a damn running clock to let the suffering end last week. I mean, Jesus. Kansas State, 55-3.

Texas @ Baylor (UT -8.0)

Baylor just can’t get it done. Despite being 0-7, they keep getting juuuuuust close enough to getting that coveted first win. This game against Texas might just be the game they get. And honestly, with Sam Ehlinger having spaghetti brain, I think this is the one they get. Baylor, 24-21.

#11 Oklahoma State @ #22 West Virginia (OSU -7.5)

The Big 12 cannibalisation continues! It’s a big time quarterback battle in Morgantown as West Virginia fans finally get to see if Will Grier is better than Mason Rudolph. I think Grier outperforms Rudolph, but fails to get the win. OSU, 52-49 (OT)

Texas Tech @ #10 Oklahoma  (OU -14.0)

Are you ready for a damn shootout? Honestly, just forget about getting mad at Mike Stoops at this point. You should know exactly what you are going to get here. Shoddy defense and ton of points and yards. I think OU wins, but not without 85,000 people pulling out their hair in frustration. OU, 48-45.

Around the Big 12: Week 8

Last Week: 4-1

Overall: 26-9

Oh hey y’all. So about last week…I switched out my Texas prediction. Here’s the Twitter proof.

Anyways, the real problem with the Big 12 is starting to show. There aren’t enough middle ground teams to boost the overall record quality of the league’s record. Tech and WVU are both legitimate top 25 teams, but both aren’t good enough to beat the upper echelon of the conference, which will inevitably drop them out.

The cannibalization has started folks.

Kansas @ #4 TCU (TCU -39.0) 

This is the most bizarre series. Despite being one of the best teams in the Big 12 since joining, TCU hasn’t beaten Kansas by more than 14 points. Weird shit happens in these games, so roll with Kansas and the points. Hell, throw 50 cents at KU and the money line for shits and giggles. TCU, 41-24

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (Tech -7.0)

This is a tough one. While Tech has proven several times this season they aren’t the pushover they used to be, Iowa State has the more impressive win. Fortunately for Iowa State this is an 11 AM so there is about a 10% chance the town of Lubbock will be awake in time for kickoff. Iowa State, 38-35

#23 West Virginia @ Baylor (WVU -9.5)

Baylor continues to melt down. I don’t even know what to say here. WVU, 56-14

#10 Oklahoma State @ Texas (OSU -7.0)

This is a sneaky good game! With a loss here, Texas’ season goes into full meltdown mode. On the flipside, any playoff hopes (and Big 12 title hopes?) are over for the Pokes if they lose this in Austin. Tom Herman finally gets his big win. Texas, 48-42

#9 Oklahoma @ Kansas State (OU -14.0)


I was really worried about this one in preseason. This just seemed like a good year for Kansas State, with the strong finish last season against A&M and a solid overall regular season performance.

But on closer examination, this team really isn’t anything special at all.

Trap games for OU now are about blown coverages and weird schemes. K-State doesn’t have a breakout receiver or linebacker at quarterback. They have officially run out of Lockett brothers. This game will be perfect for OU to right the ship. OU, 31-3.

Around the Big 12: Week 7

Last Week: 3-1

Overall: 22-8

Big shakeup week in the Big 12 last week. Everything is completely out of wack. Iowa State winning is Norman is one of the most confounding things i’ve seen in my life. Texas Tech is ranked. TCU and Texas would be in the Big 12 title if it started today. Things simply don’t make sense anymore in this league and honestly six teams probably have an outside chance at winning this thing at this point. What a time to be a Big 12 fan (OU fans not included).

Kansas @ Iowa State (ISU -20.5) 

Iowa fucking State.  After looking insanely blah against Texas, turns out all this team needed was an iron man quarterback-linebacker, a solid backup and a shitty secondary to play against. They have another shitty secondary to torch this week. ISU, 35-17

#24 Texas Tech @ West Virginia (WVU -3.5)

High powered offenses and heavy drinkers collide! It’s a damn shame these two schools are so far away, because seeing Red Raiders in Morgantown would be a beautiful shitshow. The game will be a battle for #24 as Texas Tech hopes to hold on to their first Top 25 ranking in over four years. The ranking lives another day. Tech, 45-42

Baylor @ #14 Oklahoma State (OSU -25.5)

Baylor just can’t catch a break. I really do think they’ll get a game eventually, but not against a rested and reenergized Mason Rudolph and Oklahoma State. OSU, 56-13.

#6 TCU @ Kansas State (TCU -4.5)

The new team to beat in the Big 12 heads up north to face a trap game in Manhattan. This game will be a slugfest for TCU as Kansas State is a scrappy team that can sneak up on anyone in any week. I think the Frogs narrowly escape the Purple Bowl, but not without a serious scare from the Wildcats. TCU, 28-24

#12 Oklahoma vs Texas (OU -7.5)

I have no idea what to think of this Oklahoma team. On one hand, they play with a fire under their ass when they are doubted. On the other hand, they look flat out lazy against teams they think they should roll over and guess what? They got beat in the biggest point spread upset in school history.

So, what does the team do Monday? They go into their press conference and start talking about their goddamn playoff chances again! YOU JUST LOST TO IOWA STATE AND HAVE YOUR BIGGEST RIVAL TEXAS THIS WEEK. I know I made a pledge to be positive, but damn. The playoffs should be the farthest thing from their mind. Looking ahead is what got your dumbasses in this spot in the first place. Texas is a good team. Go out and beat Texas and i’ll pick the Sooners again. Prove this irrelevant and angry blogger wrong. Texas, 35-31

Around the Big 12: Week 6

Last Week: 2-1

Overall: 19-7

Coming off a mundane week in the Big 12 last week, we get two solid games here in Week 6. This week’s schedule is aided by the return of OU, Baylor taking a bye week before all the players quit five games in, Texas Tech’s high-powered offense on display against poor Kansas and College Gameday coming back to a Big 12 city for the first time since November 2015.

Texas Tech @ Kansas (Tech -17.5)

Poor Kansas. They did well keeping it close last week with West Virginia (Between KU and Big 12 offenses, 22 points is relatively close) and now what do they get? A confident Texas Tech fresh off a near upset against Oklahoma State. The Red Raiders might come out sluggish after such a narrow loss, but i’m not seeing a loss for them this week. Tech 53-28

#23 West Virginia @ #8 TCU (TCU -13.0)

Gary Patterson is at it again! TCU showed that they are back at the top of the Big 12 this season after a big win in Stillwater two weeks ago. They return from their bye week finding themselves in a rare national spotlight game against West Virginia. So much for easing back into the schedule. The quarterback battle will be as good as it will be annoying, with the TV announcers reminding you every five minutes that both Will Grier and Kenny Hill are transfers. Ultimately, I give the edge to TCU, who has the better defense and, in my opinion, the much better quarterback. TCU 49-34

Kansas State @ Texas (UT -4.0)

Have you seen a more “middle of the pack” game than Texas-Kansas State? The 2016 Texas State Champion K-State Wildcats head down to Austin to try to get a big win to show that Vanderbilt game was a fluke. Meanwhile, Tom Herman’s Longhorns need every win they can get before running into a four week stretch including OU, Oklahoma State and TCU. This one is a toss up, but I see the Longhorns edging out a win at home. Texas 28-27

Iowa State @ #3 Oklahoma (OU -28.0)

The Sooners return home from a mediocre showing two weeks ago to face a team defined as “mediocre” in the English Dictionary. I honestly should give Iowa State more credit, but after watching that offense look so incredibly sloppy I just don’t see this one going well for the Cyclones. Add the fact that Baker and that offense are fresh and rested and you get a game where the biggest question of the day is whether or not OU covers. I bet they do. OU 56-20

(Bonus picks have been canceled as the games suck worse than my ability to pick them)






Around the Big 12: Week 3

Last Week: 5-4

Overall: 5-4

Good week for the Big 12! Considering the shit week Texas (they didn’t deserve to appear last week) and Baylor (re-upped shit week) had in week 1, this week has the league pointed in the right direction. As i’m sure you know, OU continued to carry the league this week with an enormous win at Ohio State (31-16). However, don’t over look the big win from TCU over Arkansas in Fayetteville (28-7). For a conference unfairly seen as Oklahoma and the Nine Dwarfs, TCU taking out a solid SEC team by three touchdowns on their own field is a big deal. Stacking these two big wins is a good start, but the Big 12 can really build on the resume in Week 3 as many teams take this show on the road.

#9 Oklahoma State @ Pittsburgh (anOSU -13.5)

Yeeeeah Oklahoma State had no issue with South Alabama last week. Come at me, @FreezingColdTakes. anOSU brings a great offense and more than a serviceable defense into Heinz Field, where they’ll meet a Pitt team reeling after a rough loss at Penn State. Unfortunately for Pitt, this is a bad team to come home to. OSU 42-13

Kansas @ Ohio (OHIO -8.0)

Sorry for jinxing you last week KU. It doesn’t get better this week. OHIO 17-7

Delaware State @ West Virginia (No line)

It’s cupcake szn in West Virginia! This one is gonna be very, very, very ugly. WVU 63-3

Iowa State @ Akron (ISU -10)

Seriously, WHY DO YOU NEED TO GO TO AKRON, IOWA STATE? YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS. God, I hate the fucking Big 12. ISU 21-10

Baylor @ Duke (DUKE -14.0)


(PS. See y’all next week. Get the Vitek’s ready.)

SMU @ #20 TCU (TCU -18.0)

Iron Skillet time! The lamest rivalry with the dopest trophy is back for another edition. every once in awhile, SMU shows up and plays TCU tough. I think it’ll be tight for a half, before TCU’s offense picks up steam to close it out. TCU 28-13

#18 Kansas State @ Vanderbilt (KSU -4.0)

Gamblers, lock this shit right now. K-State, always disrespected is getting 4 points on a lesser team? Not only that, but in a venue that will probably be split with how well K-State travels. The Wildcats put away Vandy easily. KSU 24-10

Arizona State @ Texas Tech (TTU -7.5)

All the points! You get a touchdown, you get a touchdown! This one will be a firework show in Lubbock. Strap in, it’ll be fun. TTU 56-52

Texas @ #4 USC (USC -16.5)

Texas is back folks! Well, at least back to being in this column. Tom Herman has a knack for winning big games, but Southern Cal in the Coliseum is just too much. USC 38-27

Tulane @ #2 Oklahoma (OU -33.5)

Fresh off the big win in the Horseshoe, will the Sooners come out hot against Tulane? Of course. This one is easy. OU 52-3