Game Week: Iowa State

11 A.M. on FOX

Annnnnd we’re back! After a much needed bye-week, the Sooners return to Owen Field for their bi-annual Pre-Red River Shootout pillow fight against Iowa State. Fun fact; this is the most lopsided college football series in history. How bad can that be?Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.19.48 PM.png

Yeah. Not surprising this one kicks off at 11 A.M.

History aside, Iowa State is a much improved team that has shown an ability to at least kinda play football. They aren’t even close to being contenders in the Big 12, but as we saw two weekends ago in Waco, no conference opponent should be taken lightly.

ISU.jpgWho are the Cyclones?

Iowa State is a bit of a weird team in the Big 12. On one hand, they got oh-so-close to taking out both Iowa and Texas at home, which is a great step up for the Cyclones. On the other end, it’s Iowa State and I immediately don’t trust them.

Jacob Park is a middling at best quarterback, throwing three picks against Texas. He has some solid receivers, such as Allen Lazard, but he just isn’t that good. To honest, as brutal as it was to watch them Thursday, it’s even worse writing about them. They aren’t bad enough to make fun of like Baylor or Kansas, but i’m sitting here just at a loss for words describing these guys.


Last Time We Met: November 3rd, 2016 in Ames. OU 34, Iowa State 24

Eerie shit happens on Thursdays in Ames. Without Joe Mixon or Samaj Perine, the Sooners were prime candidates to be the latest victims of weekday Jack Trice Stadium. However, Baker Mayfield and a scrappy backfield of Dimitri Flowers and Abdul Adams were able to weather the storm and move on from the game with a win.

Why You Should Care:

It’s been two weeks since the last gameday; even against Iowa State, even with an 11 A.M. kickoff, i’m just excited to get back to Owen Field and watch some football. Get some pancakes and a light buzz, enjoy some morning football and then you have enough time to rest up/watch more football before the bars that night.


Bar Reviews: Logie’s

Anyone that goes to OU has an opinion about Logie’s, usually falling somewhere on the spectrum between “the bar you love to hate” and “the bar you hate to love”. No matter what your thoughts on Logie’s are, everyone will tell you the same thing: no Norman bar crawl would be complete without the Logie’s experience.

Sum up Logie’s in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: When the squad decides to go to Logie’s:

Alt. Tweet (because I’m the owner/editor, deal with it)

Live look at me trying to get a drink at Logie’s on a Friday:

Andrew: Logie’s is where you go to commit shameful acts. Cheap shots, cheap girls.

Ben: Want to question your morals and wonder what you did last night? logies is the place to be.

Michelle: Logie’s: the only place where crises range from orange wedges falling off your beer, to watching your friend bust her teeth on the pavement at 2 A.M.


me: “where we going bro”

friends: “logies”



Derielle: Super cheap shots and loud music videos lead to some of the weirdest and most shambly things you’ll ever see in a public setting.‬

Bussow: Do you like blacking out, MMA, or being groped by 6 guys in one night? Logie’s is the bar for you!

Which night is the best night for Logie’s?

Bobby: Personally, I like Wednesday. The weekends are brutally crowded and Wednesday brings just enough life in from the post-O’Connell’s karaoke crowd to make this bar interesting. This is Logie’s at its best.

Andrew: They’re all the same. No matter what night you go, you still won’t be able to see the 4 that’s probably dancing on you by the back bar.

Ben: honestly any night from wednesday through saturday.

Michelle: Wednesday, because that’s when everyone is at O’Conn’s. (That’s also the night my friend busted her teeth)

Granger: after an ou home football loss (happened frequently the past five years). the players somehow always beat the students to campus corner, makes ya think 🤔

Derielle: I hate when Logie’s is totally packed. I prefer Wednesdays because I don’t have to throw elbows in order to get up to the bar.

Bussow: A lot of terrible options here, but to see everything shitty about Logie’s in one night you need to go Thursday. There’s a line down the block and everybody is there to blackout. Put ‘em back and people watch.

Favorite thing about Logie’s?

Bobby: Aside from this place having some of the best drink deals on campus, they have music videos playing on every TV. It’s a pretty unique touch.

Andrew: The absolutely horrifically disgusting smoking room.

Ben: i don’t know. haven’t remember enough to make a decision.

Michelle: Hands down, their LIT and their $2 shot menu. Their shots are so cheap you can buy your whole village drinks.

Granger:  big fan of the smoking section in the back where i can rip heaters (cigs inside baby!!!).

honorable mention – seeing bussows ex girlfriends and telling them how much he misses them.

Derielle: Logie’s has one of the coolest vibes on campus. Not to mention that the people watching is enough to keep you entertained all night long. That paired with some $2 shots is always a win

Bussow: Logie’s is the one bar in Norman you can stumble into alone and be sure to find a group you know. My fellow fifth years are always parked at the front bar, PC Epsilon (Editor’s Note: if you know, you know) is always at the back bar (Cigs Inside), and Pozo is somewhere in-between any given night.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: When this bar is packed, it can be damn near unbearable. Between the type of people here (lots of douchebags) and trying to keep up with your group, it can be a downright uncomfortable time.

Andrew: Hmmm. Where do I start? First of all, you can’t see shit. I’ll just say this; Going to Logie’s is like going to McDonald’s, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Ben: see previous comment.

Michelle: The line to use the bathroom is 🥜

Granger: bathrooms. as someone who can only piss in stalls, i have nightmares about having to pee at logies.

Derielle: They always seem to let too many people in on the weekends making it nearly impossible to get a drink. Also, there’s always at least one crying-bathroom-stall girl sobbing about who even knows what. Always plan on your bathroom run taking 20 minutes.

Bussow: The culture here sucks. I haven’t walked out of Logie’s without first being dragged into an altercation in two years. I’ve thrown bouncers off of innocent girls they decided to throw some haymakers at. I’ve had an ex get kicked out for trying to choke me out. I’ve gotten cigarette burns and double wells dumped on my head. I took some punches from two 5’0 blondies after watching someone break one of their guy’s noses, thinking it was me. I’ve thrown guys by the neck for groping friends. I f***ing hate this place.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: Double fisting $2 Miller Lite’s with a $2 tequila shot. They can’t water that shit down.

Andrew: Adios motherf****r. You need about 4 of these to make this bar doable.

Ben: long island shot (yes, you read that right) and a coors light.

Michelle: The LIT.

Granger:  honestly, the only way to get a drink here at night is to hit on the soft four who cut her way to the bar top, give her your card, buy her a drink and tell her to get you “whatever shes having.” 9-10 times youll get a shitty shot thats blue in color or has a f*****g gummy worm in it. for all other times, liter of shock top for $4.50 is a steal.

Derielle: $2 shots are the pinnacle of what makes Logie’s, Logie’s. The Pineapple Express shot and good old-fashioned tequila are my two favorites. Their LIT is also the best on Campus Corner.

Bussow: Pitcher of Blue Moon and a round of $2 shots.

What is the strangest thing you’ve seen at Logie’s?

Bobby: One time the video for Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime (the one with all the monkeys and shit) came on when I was blackout drunk. I thought I was tripping balls.

Andrew: I’ve never really seen anything that sticks out because everything there is just so absurd. Probably the Normanites that come out in full force only to sit alone and drink at the bar. If any of them are reading this, here’s some advice: STOP WEARING SUITS TO LOGIE’S.

Ben: engaged women handing out phone numbers like resumes.

Michelle: Some nerdy guy from overseas wearing an “I HEART NY” sweatshirt followed me around the bar to hit on me the entire night.

Granger: anything that happens in this god-for-saken bar after 1130pm qualifies as the “strangest thing ive seen.”

Derielle: Some girl tried to convince me to go tell her boyfriend that she had been cheating on him for the past two months. She then preceded to get incredibly mad when I refused. Later on, she made an appearance as one of the infamous crying-bathroom-stall girls.

Mike: Walked in on a girl using a urinal. No gender identity questions here, straight animals at this place man.


The road to hitting every game on the schedule isn’t fully paved with classics. This weekend in Waco, certainly wasn’t one of them.

This trip was handled a little differently. Instead of staying Friday night and Saturday night in the game city, we actually did something a little differently this trip. We just drove to Waco in the morning and drove back to stay in Plano after the game. I’m going to give myself a pass here; I’ve been to Waco before and with the town not exactly being the coolest stop this year, I decided to save some money better used on State Fair coupons for OU-Texas.

We started our trip under the pink-orange Oklahoma sunrise at about 7 am. This trip had a road trip skeleton crew compared to Columbus; it was just me and Bar Review vet Mike Bussow. It was a quick shot down I-35 and we rolled into town just in time for lunch at one of my favorite road trip stops.


Vitek’s Barbecue was introduced to me in 2015 by some of my girlfriend’s close friends who go to Baylor. Vitek’s is a Waco treasure that has been around for over 100 years. Most barbecue joints focus on the basics: brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage, sauce, solid sides, cold beer (if you’re lucky). This place puts everything good into a styrofoam container and mashes it all together in something known as a Gut Pak. It’s a beautiful symphony of brisket, sausage, cheese, Fritos, beans and barbecue sauce. I recommend getting the half pak in a large container, it gives you more space to mix all the ingredients up.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the checkout counter. As we got in line, my phone started blowing up thanks to a group text with my old high school friends (we actually, legitimately refer to the group as “The Group Text”, real creative, I know). Adrian Wojnarowski, the czar of breaking NBA stories, was reporting that the Oklahoma City Thunder were in talks to acquire Carmelo Anthony. By the time I got through the line, Carmelo was a member of the Thunder and my college football Saturday had been invaded by the NBA. My mind was the farthest place from my Gut Pak.

img_3245 Right after finishing our ‘cue and a couple Lone Star’s, our crew (which now included Mike’s sister and her friend) found a rare free parking place and make the trek across the Baylor campus to McLane Stadium.

I don’t care if the stadium is four years old, walking up to McLane Stadium over the Brazos River is one of the coolest entrances in college football. The stadium on the river is really cool and the concept of sailgating makes me wish OU had a water feature to drink on.

The vibe on campus was kinda eerie. Compared to 2015, the atmosphere on campus was completely dead. It was almost sad in a way.


The pregame hangout in Waco is this big tailgate tent called George’s. If you don’t have friends with a tailgate, this is the move to get some beers. You can domestic beers here for $4, including Shiner. This is Texas, after all.

After meeting up with some friends at George’s and spending all my cash, we got word of a tailgate hosted by alumni of my fraternity’s Baylor chapter handing out free beer. We couldn’t miss out on this. We approached the tent about 30 minutes before we needed to hit up will call and immediately were told to shotgun some beers. We aren’t talking Natty either; these crazy Bears had us downing craft shit. My poor buddy Matt downed a tangerine IPA.

Once we paid our dues, they handed out some more casual drinking beers. Apparently they have a sponsorship from a brewery called Southern Star Brewing in Conroe, Texas. In other news, I would like to immediately announce that The Schooner Blog is officially accepting beer sponsorship offers so hit me up.

The game itself was absolutely brutal. I didn’t do a quick reaction, so here are my thoughts: OU had a great start but the Defense blew it. MVP is Trey Sermon, LVP is Jordan Thomas. The refs were particularly terrible. Honestly, that game was just aggravating to watch. The last part of the 4th quarter felt like it drug on forever. My recap is basically just this Curb Your Enthusiasm gif on an infinite loop.

Leaving the stadium less than enthusiastic, we made the same long, brutal walk across campus dreading the hour-plus drive back to Plano. Going out was out of the question. The only things that mattered were getting the win, getting to bed and hitting up In-N-Out in Plano. On to the next one.

Around the Big 12: Week 5

Last Week: 3-1

Overall: 17-6

After last week with OSU going down, the Sooners nearly getting one of the worst losses I’ve ever seen and my grades getting beat more than an OU cornerback, this bye week is a welcome break from this crazy season. With that being said, the picks must be made! Plus, after another one loss week why not keep this rolling?

Texas @ Iowa State (UT -6.0)

Texas is back (to playing football this week)! What better way to let your fans down than a Thursday night game in Ames, Iowa? Noted let-down game artist Tom Herman takes his Longhorns into Ames in a sneakily tough situation that has claimed its fair share of victims (whatup 2011 OSU?). Luckily for Texas, the Iowa State uniforms look just enough like USC to provide enough motivation for the Horns to roll out of bed. Texas 28-24

Baylor @ Kansas State (KSU -16.5)

The best 0-4 team in the country heads up to Manhattan to take on Bill Snyder and my least favorite Big 12 team! In a game that features both teams that have screwed me over this season. Yeah, I’m still pissed about Vandy and yeah I’m pissed that Baylor showed up in the one game I bet against them. I’m staying away from this game and its tantalizing 16.5 point line and I suggest you do to. Baylor 34-31.

#15 Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (OSU -9.5)

An overrated OSU team? What a shocker. Almost as much of a shocker as Texas Tech randomly getting a defense this season. For Oklahoma State, this is the definition of a trap game. Lubbock at night is a hell hole and coming off the collapse of the Pokes’ Playoff/Heisman hopes, how will they respond? I think the Cowboys bounce back in this one, but Texas Tech shows up big time. The Raiders are back to being a scary team to play in the Big 12. Get your popcorn ready. OSU 65-59

Bonus Games:

Yeah, the picks this week blow and after slacking off on this bye week, do you really think I’d pick only three games? Let’s look at two of the good national games.

#5 USC @ #16 Washington State (USC -3.5)

I really don’t think USC is as good as everyone says they are. This game has trap written all over it with Mike Leach looking to get a big win to solidify his Washington State restoration process. This is a game you see the home underdog win all the time, but…I’m going USC. Wazzu will have to wait a little longer for that big win. USC 28-17

#2 Clemson @ #12 Virginia Tech (CLEM -7.5)

I’ve been ALL IN on Josh Jackson this season. The guy hits every checkmark on the “young dark-horse Heisman candidate” check sheet. Duel threat QB? Check. Leading a sleeping giant program? Check. Big statement game at home against a recent national champion? Check. Lane Stadium will be rocking. VT 24-14


Bar Reviews: McNellie’s

Looking for a true pub? McNellie’s is the place. This Main Street bar boasts an absurdly large beer selection and genuine pub food.

Sum up McNellie’s in the length of a Tweet.

Bobby: I hope you like beer

Joe: Good drinks, aggressively average food.

Mike: A Main Street staple, McNellies is the place for damn good beer, period.

Which night is the best night for McNellie’s?

Bobby: McNellie’s has Pint Night on Mondays. Get a specific beer and you can keep the glass, which isn’t too bad.

Joe: Monday night for sure. You get a pint of beer and keep the glass.

Mike: Wednesday’s $4 burger night is hard to beat, but Monday’s pint night is a can’t miss. Buy the beer, keep the glass and learn to like drinking something other than Bud Light.

Favorite thing about McNellie’s?

Bobby: For Norman, the beer selection is out of this world. If you want a beer, there’s a good chance it’s here.

Joe: The beer selection is the best in Norman.  It’s also a pretty low key bar if you aren’t looking to wait in line at Campus Corner.

Mike: Selection. Over 200 beers and if you have the time or money, trying each one gets you a plaque on the wall and a mug. I’m not saying I’ve drank from Jake Bryan’s mug but I’m not saying I haven’t. From Stiegel with a shot of clementine Svedka, to “chocolate milk,” you’ll find something great here every time.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: I’m pretty sure i’ve sat by a table playing Magic the Gathering in here before.

Joe: The food is definitely overpriced for what you get.

Mike: This should be a great place to catch a weekday football game, but the TV/Projector setup is disappointing and nonexistent at the bar. I get the whole “put down your phone and talk to someone” vibe the bar is pushing, but 80% of the people there have nose rings and neck tattoos. Not my crowd and not anyone reading this’s crowd.

What’s the go-to order here?

Bobby: It usually depends on what’s new on tap. So usually something local, I usually go with something from Prairie or Anthem.

Joe: Boulevard Tank 7 or St. Bernardus ABT 12 (Editor’s Note: Typical Joe)

Mike: The Sunday afternoon hangover cure: A bowl of beer chili, cheese, and crackers, with a Crispin Cider on the side.

Around the Big 12: Week 4

Last Week: 9-1

Overall: 14-5

Conference play is here! Kinda! The Big (almost) 12 starts its conference slate off with three teams resting, one playing a road non-conference game as the underdog and two of three ranked teams immediately playing each other in what will probably be a Conference Championship elimination game in September. This conference is totally functional, you guys!

#16 TCU @ #6 Oklahoma State (OSU -11.5)

After going on the most depressing road trip ever from Stillwater to Mobile to Pittsburgh, the Cowboys are back at home to face their first challenge of the season. The TCU Horned Frogs are coming off a shaky performance against crosstown rival SMU (Y’all share an airport, come at me Fort Worth kids) but possess one of the rarest things OSU will face all season: a defense. However is that defense good enough to slow down Mason Rudolph and that high powered offense? I say no. The artists formerly known as Oklahoma A&M roll in this one. OSU 66-45

West Virginia @ Kansas (WVU -21.0)

Honest question: if KU loses this game, but nobody was there to see it, did it actually happen? WVU 59-31

Texas Tech @ Houston (UH -6.0)

Tech getting no love on the road! To be honest, after Tom Herman bailed on Houston, I kinda forgot they existed. UH’s Ed Oliver is one of the most overlooked players in college football, just because of where he is at. Houston already has a decent power 5 win, beating Arizona in Tucson 19-16. The Red Raiders already have a major win themselves, defeating Arizona State last weekend in a total shootout, 52-45. Honestly, with both of these teams playing only two games up to this point, I have no clue what to think of this game. I’m going with Texas Tech, because why not? Fuck the Coogs. Tech 38-35

#3 Oklahoma @ Baylor (OU -28.0)

I know I devoted a half of an article to make this point, but yeah these guys really, really stink on ice. I’d pick OU to clobber them even if they beat Liberty, UTSA and Duke, all of which they lost to. Art Briles isn’t walking through that door. The only reason i’m going to this one is to write a blog on Czech Stop Kolaches on the way home. On to the bye week. OU 65-10

(PS: Wouldn’t it be the most OU thing in the world to lose this one?)

Game Week: Baylor

Damn, have things changed in Waco since I was there last. On that rainy, November day my girlfriend Derielle and I watched Joe Mixon, Samaj Perine and Baker Mayfield in a gutsy dogfight against the then dominant Baylor Bears, who seemingly were in the top 5 all season. One of Derielle’s friends, being 100% serious and 100% polite, told me he thought if OU did well, they would only lose 42-14.

Now, Baylor is 0-3 and is losing to the likes of UTSA.

Oklahoma and Baylor met on a crossroads that evening in Waco. For OU, the win was a springboard for the miraculous three game stretch that catapulted the Sooners to an unlikely College Football Playoff bid. For Baylor? It began a meltdown of colossal proportions, with this season being rock bottom.


Who are the Bears?

Baylor is a program trying to pick up the pieces after one of the worst strings of scandals in college football history. Hiring Matt Rhule this season to replace Art Briles was a step in the right direction to help build a good long term culture, but on the field it’s clear that Baylor football isn’t near what it was in the earlier half of this decade. They rebounded a little bit last week at Duke, playing the Blue Devils closer than I thought (Duke still covered), but I seriously doubt Baylor will be able to perform well in this league.

Last Time We Met: November 12th, 2016 in Norman. OU 45, Baylor 24

Oklahoma made easy work of the Bears last season, winning by three touchdowns. The rushing tandem of Perine and Mixon shredded the Bears for over 100 yards a piece and a combined 3 touchdowns. Mayfield and Dede Westbrook also went off, with each scoring a pair of touchdowns, including a rare rushing touchdown from Mayfield. Even before star Baylor QB Seth Russell went down with a gruesome leg injury, the Bears were simply outmatched.


McLane Stadium:

Pretty much the polar opposite of last trip’s stadium, McLane Stadium is a shiny, 4 year old stadium that seats slightly over 40,000. With this stadium sitting on the Brazos River, many Baylor fans participate in “Sailgating” but unless you have a boat and/or a boat slip near Waco, this probably isn’t going to be an option for you.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.38.27 PM.pngHere’s Baylor’s visiting allotment seating. The sections are 131, 314-217 and 329. In 2015, I sat in 131, and it seemed to me that a lot of students ended up there. Even if you get nosebleeds, the stadium is small enough that it feels more like sitting in the lower level at Owen Field. With Baylor’s decline, the OU-Baylor territory split will probably look more like this though: Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.26.42 PM.png

If you are buying resale tickets and trying to sit with a friend, make sure you know whether or not they have Berm GA seating or not (The Berm is the grey area on the map). Berm ticket holders cannot enter the general part of the stadium, nor can regular ticket holders access the Berm. Be wary of where you are buying, as berm tickets are significantly cheaper than general stadium seats.

The bag policy is actually looser than OU’s, 6x12x6 and under are allowed. So no need to worry on this one, ladies.


OU got a great 5:30 kick, so there’s plenty of time to drive up Saturday and do everything you’d want to do in Waco.

For lunch, I’d recommend Vitek’s Barbecue, a local staple for over a century. I recommend the Gut Pack, a mixture of brisket, cheese, sausage, fritos, beans and pretty much everything good. Trust me, the smaller one is enough.

As you’d expect from a small Baptist college in Waco, there isn’t much of a pregame bar scene at Baylor. According to my intel, most of the good bars are in downtown Waco so it would be a bit of a haul going back and forth between there and campus. For pregame drinking, I recommend the George O’s tailgate across the street from McLane Stadium. As I remember, it’s a solid place to meet up with friends and drink a few Shiners before entering the game. It’s under a massive tent, so it’s near impossible to miss.


Yeah, don’t expect to find anything in any official lots. My recommendation is to find somewhere unmarked as a tow away area and walk or Uber over.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.28.49 PM.png

(This post will be updated as more information comes available.)