Iowa State

  • Ames - Oklahoma sports has taken me amazing places. I’ve seen the Sooners play from coast to coast, from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to Pro Player/LandShark/Sun Life Stadium in Miami. I once watched a basketball game on the floor of a football colosseum. I’ve witnessed Baker plant his flag in The Shoe, three bouts of Bradford … Continue reading "Ames"
  • Delay of Recap: Iowa State - Okay, so my trip to Ames didn’t exactly go to plan; I spend most of it being sick and getting sicker in brutal heat. I’m still recovering, but better late than never. Whelp, it’s only week three and panic mode has already set in for some parts of Sooner Nation. Did OU lose? Not at … Continue reading "Delay of Recap: Iowa State"
  • The Weekend Spread: Week 3 - Bobby: 5-3 (9-7) Jamison: 4-4 (9-7) Blake: 5-3 (9-7) Two weeks down and the boys are tied at 9-7. While Jamison got a shocking Kansas win, he surrendered his lead on Bobby and Blake by picking Kansas State. Blake got a big win riding with Texas A&M, while Bobby split the gap by picking Iowa. … Continue reading "The Weekend Spread: Week 3"
  • The Schooner Pod: Week 3 - Bobby and Jamison talk Rodney Anderson’s injury (:58), OU’s big win over UCLA (4:50), look ahead to Iowa State (18:44), preview the big games around college football (25:15) and get heated about the Failing Texas Longhorns (39:40). Sad! // If you haven’t already, please subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts and rate us five stars! If … Continue reading "The Schooner Pod: Week 3"
  • Game Week: Iowa State - It’s time for revenge. Sure, it didn’t keep OU out of the playoff last season and several big pieces are gone (see Mayfield, Baker), but you have to think that the Sooners will have a little extra fire after last season’s baffling loss to Iowa State at home. This time, the Sooners travel to Ames … Continue reading "Game Week: Iowa State"
  • Everything is Awful: A Recap - (Warning: Not Safe for Grandmommy and Future Employers. Left in Tact for Full Impact) I don’t think burning the alternate jerseys is enough. I think we need to set the town on fire and hit reset. OU doesn’t lose to Iowa State. Yet, about an hour ago the Sooners dropped an inexplicable, puzzling and frankly … Continue reading "Everything is Awful: A Recap"
  • Around the Big 12: Week 6 - Last Week: 2-1 Overall: 19-7 Coming off a mundane week in the Big 12 last week, we get two solid games here in Week 6. This week’s schedule is aided by the return of OU, Baylor taking a bye week before all the players quit five games in, Texas Tech’s high-powered offense on display against … Continue reading "Around the Big 12: Week 6"
  • Game Week: Iowa State - 11 A.M. on FOX Annnnnd we’re back! After a much needed bye-week, the Sooners return to Owen Field for their bi-annual Pre-Red River Shootout pillow fight against Iowa State. Fun fact; this is the most lopsided college football series in history. How bad can that be? Yeah. Not surprising this one kicks off at 11 … Continue reading "Game Week: Iowa State"