A New Leaf: OU beats TCU 52-27

After a century long bye week, the Sooners returned to the field with a resounding 52-27 win over the TCU Horned Frogs.

There was some anxiety with how the Oklahoma defense would perform after ditching Mile Stoops as DC and the reviews were generally “meh?”. There were a few great moments (some great breaks that nearly resulted in pick sixes) and some really rough ones (several deep home run balls), but in general you need to give the D credit. This team came out inspired with some great defensive play, putting some serious pressure on the TCU quarterbacks.

On offense, aside from a stretch of dull, undisciplined play, the Sooners looked sharp. After halftime, the team absolutely lit up the Frogs, going on a 24-3 run in the second half.

In general, you have to feel good about this win. It wasn’t as dominant as it could have been, but it was the win OU needed.

MVP: Kennedy Brooks

Trey Sermon injury aside, Brooks is clearly the best back on this team.

With 168 yards and a touchdown, Brooks looked like the dynamic back Jamison and I have been touting since preseason. His maneuverability and shiftiness makes him RB1 in my book.

LVP: The Depth

Sure, Brooks is probably better than Sermon. But losing another back is massive. After the Rodney Anderson injury in Week 2, OU has no room to lose another tailback. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Trey.

Up Next: Kansas State. Let’s get this bread.

Weekend Spread: Week 8

Bobby: 5-3 (28-27)

Jamison: 3-5 (24-31)

Blake: 3-5 (26-29)

I know it seems like I’m late here, but we actually were extremely early on the picks: they were covered in this week’s Schooner Pod. Check out the episode below to listen to the in depth previews from Bobby, Jamison and Blake. Below are the nitty gritty picks for Week 8.


6 Michigan @ 24 Michigan State (MICH -7)

Bobby: Michigan State, +7

Jamison: Michigan State, +7

Blake: Michigan, -7

1 Alabama @ Tennessee (Bama -28.5)

Bobby: Tennessee, +28.5

Jamison: Tennessee, +28.5

Blake: Tennessee, +28.5

Colorado @ 15 Washington (UW -16.5)

Bobby: Washington, -16.5

Jamison: Colorado, +16.5

Blake: Washington, -16.5

16 NC State @ 3 Clemson (-16)

Bobby: NC State, -16

Jamison: Clemson, +16

Blake: Clemson, +16

22 Mississippi State @ 5 LSU (LSU -6.5)

Bobby: Mississippi State, +6.5

Jamison: LSU, -6.5

Blake: LSU, -6.5

12 Oregon @ 25 Washington State (ORE -1)

Bobby: Oregon, -1

Jamison: Oregon, -1

Blake: Washington State, +1

Kansas @ Texas Tech (Tech -28.5)

Bobby: Kansas, +28.5

Jamison: Kansas, +28.5

Blake: Kansas, +28.5

9 Oklahoma @ TCU (-7)

Bobby: Oklahoma, -7

Jamison: Oklahoma, -7

Blake: Oklahoma, -7

Gameday Guide: TCU

Over my years here at OU and traveling the Big 12, one town in particular stands out to me as the clear favorite: Fort Worth.

Yes, yes, I know it’s a city. And while it might be cheating to put a major city as my favorite place to visit in a conference full of one horse towns, the TCU area is sequestered enough to give you a legitimate college-town feel without feeling like a metropolis. It’s a fantastic combination.

Anyways, for those of you who are headed to the game Saturday, here are a few recommendations from someone who has been to Fort Worth and TCU far too many times to count.

How to do Gameday

11 AM games suck for the gameday atmosphere, as we know all too well. The Frogs have plenty of tailgate space, which makes the kickoff time feel more like a waste due to the fact that they’ll probably not utilize it for an early kick for a 3-3 team. At least you can be comforted by the fact these are private school kids, so you know the mimosas and White Russians will be flowing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.56.09 PM

Amon G. Carter Stadium is in the middle of a massive renovation, so some gates might be inaccessible. This is extremely pertinent as the visiting sections are on the side of the renovations. This might jam up entry, so plan accordingly. TCU also has the increasingly standard clear bag policy, but you all are probably prepared for that by now.

While alcohol isn’t sold in stadium, re-entry is allowed at Amon G. Carter, so if you want to skip the Pride and TCU band for a little mid-game pick-me-up, go for it.

Where to Eat

There are plenty of great options in Fort Worth, with plenty of high quality, nice restaurants in the downtown area. However, these suggestions are for the common man that you can’t miss.


Haim Barbecue

Heaven is a place on Earth, and that place is called Haim. This spot is a little outside the TCU bubble, but is 100% worth the visit. I fancy myself a barbecue aficionado and this place might have my favorite barbecue on Earth (Jack Stack in Kansas City is a legitimate competitor).

While this place is FAR from a dive, the process is certainly modeled after one, yet in slightly more upscale package. As with any true barbecue restaurant, Haim only offers what it hasn’t sold out yet. In other words, take an early dinner to beat the line and get some delicious brisket and the absolutely can’t miss bacon burnt ends.

Rusty Taco

Is this a chain? Yes. But since it isn’t in Norman or OKC, I’m letting it pass. Formerly R-Taco, this place is a perfect pregame spot. While the tacos are just fine (think Torchy’s level), what really boosts this place to the next level are the margaritas. These things are cheap, delicious and can get you perfectly revved up for your night out.

Buffalo Bros.

This place is the move after the bars, especially if you are hitting the bars near the TCU campus. Sure, you might regret it the next morning, but these are some of the best wings I’ve had in my life. They also allegedly have a concession stand at Amon G. Carter stadium.

Where to Drink

Fort Worth has an abundance of great places to drink; I know this all too well. They have a drinking district, West 7th Street, that is somewhat like a spin on Sixth Street in Austin. There are a few bars near campus, but most tend to hit or miss. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite watering holes.


Wild Acre Brewing

While the brewery taproom is only open on Thursday and Saturday, this could be a great option to unwind after game, given the fact Saturday’s game kicks off at 11. For 15 bucks you can four hefty pours and keep the glass, which is a phenomenal deal with beer this good. The taps are always rotating, but I suggest a nice Billy Jenkins Bock or Moonlight Shine Golden Ale. Of course, you can find pretty much any Wild Acre beer in Fort Worth liquor stores, so you can take the experience with you.


Only an idiot would forget to put a location of the greatest Norman bar of our time, right? The legendary Campus Corner bar, Chimy’s, actually got its start in Fort Worth, where the original location is still kicking. While you’re in town, make sure to pay your respects to an absolute legend with an iconic DP Shootout for old time’s sake.

The Yard

This is one of the newer spaces on West 7th, but might be my favorite. Plenty of places along West 7th focus on a multi-bar layout with a focus on outdoor space and yard games. Given the name of this, you can clearly tell this is one of them. The drinks are reasonably priced, the games are fun and overall it’s probably my favorite space on West 7th. The Yard also has a stage with frequent concerts.


America Gardens

Honestly, you could just copy and paste my Yard description and you would understand the type of place this is. Yard just edges out America Gardens, but both are worth a look.


Varsity Tavern

Looking for a more upbeat venue? This is it. Varsity is a tower of bars and in a way, a conglomerate of atmospheres. You could be out in a yard type atmosphere one moment, then be in the middle of night club the next. It’s a fun change of pace.


University Pub

This is not just my favorite bar in Ft. Worth, it might be my favorite college bar ever. A little hole in the wall just across the street from TCU Pub is, simply put, a damn icon. It isn’t “lit”, but it has everything I want in a college bar; Shiner signs, two pool tables at the back, a wide (and affordable!) beer selection, pitchers, a juke box and free (yet questionable) Shiner Bock brats in a crock pot in the corner. This is a place to gather your crew, grab some beers and talk about football, life and anything else under the sun. In a place full of highly marketed, well researched patio bars, Pub stands out by focusing on the basics; good beer, good friends and good atmosphere. Campus Corner could learn some lessons.

Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has shown me around Fort Worth the past few years. Some of my best times in college have happened with Chris Dorr, Andrew Wilson, Chris Ilenstine, Jake and Jordan Agajanian, Jack Bosworth and obviously and most importantly the guy who introduced me to them all, the Crowleyman, Blake Crowley.

Blake, thanks for letting me (and on one occasion, my girlfriend and Mike) crash at your place intermittently for the past four years. I loved every trip and every stop, even my only road loss ever in 2014. I’ll down a Salty Lady in your absence for you this weekend. 


The Schooner Pod: TCU and Week 8 Picks (w/ special guest Blake Crowley)

After the bye week, the boys are back with special guest and TCU expert Blake Crowley to discuss this Saturday’s game against the Horned Frogs and other big matchups around college football.

PS: Here is happy and sad Crowleyman, as was promised.



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Game Week: TCU

December 2nd, 2017 seems so far away. A lot has happened since the last time the Sooners and Frogs met at Jerry World on that unusually warm December day; the Sooners both made and lost the Rose Bowl, Baker Mayfield won the Heisman, got drafted by the Cleveland Browns and now is on his way to becoming a folk hero, Kyler Murray got drafted by the A’s and became a Heisman contender in his own right, but biggest of all, Mike Stoops got fired.

While things are certainly different in Norman, they are completely flipped upside down in Fort Worth. While Gary Patterson has been the pinnacle of consistency in the Big 12 (outside of OU), this seems to be a real down year for the Frogs. Nevertheless, TCU is one of those teams you simply cannot take lightly at Amon G. Carter stadium as a favored team no matter how down they look.

For the Sooners, this is the first chance we get to see the Ruffin McNeill defense in action (Spoiler Alert: Probably won’t look much different). True road games are always tough, but OU hasn’t dropped one since 2014, against…TCU. This will be a fun one.

Meet the Horned Frogs:

In the past few seasons, TCU has been somewhat of pseudo rivalry for OU. Aside from Oklahoma State (who is already kind of a rival), the Frogs have typically been OU’s biggest competition for the Big 12 crown. This season however, not so much.

TCU hasn’t been exactly known for its explosive offense since Trevon Boykin graduated in 2015, but this offense is just flat out anemic under quarterback Shawn Robinson. The Frogs haven’t cracked the 14 point mark in their past three games, are on track to turn the ball over 45 times this season (s/o to my man Andrew Wilson for that stat) and their sole win in the past four games was a home slugfest against Iowa State.

Normally, I’d say this game would be a perfect chance for an offense to reset, but they are going up a seriously pissed off and highly motivated Oklahoma defense that will come out firing (heh).


Who to Watch For:

#1 Jalen Reagor, WR

I just have the worst feeling about this guy. A highly touted, four star, class of 2017 recruit, Reagor was actually committed to Oklahoma for awhile before flipping to the Horned Frogs in Fall 2016. The second he flipped, I knew this guy would burn us one day. While he had a combined three receptions in two games against OU in his freshman season, I have a feeling we might see Reagor feast on an Oklahoma secondary in the midst of a rebuild.

Series History: 13-5 (Oklahoma)

The Sooners and Frogs don’t have a deep history, as the two programs have only been in the same conference for seven seasons, but it certainly has been a rich one.

In the seven inter-conference meetings between the two schools, five have come down to within a touchdown. The only two non-close games came with the Frogs falling to the potentially the best offense in college football history in 2017. Long story short, these two teams keep it close.

The win/loss slant however? Different story. OU is 6-1 against TCU, with the sole loss coming in OU’s worst season and TCU’s inarguably best season in 2014. Simply put, TCU doesn’t win enough in this series to make this a true rivalry.

However, the matchup makes for a quintessential David and Goliath match up. I don’t need to detail OU’s vast history, you should know it if you are reading this. TCU is scrappy; the smallest school in the Big 12, doing the most with the least. Outside of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, they don’t have much deep history. If it wasn’t for Gary Patterson, they would just be purple SMU and would be chillin’ in the American Conference or something.

In fact, the game that sprung TCU into the public conscience was a 2005 upset over Oklahoma in Norman, way back when the Horned Frogs were in the Mountain West (it was actually their first season there, they were previously in Conference USA). Nearly ten years later, an upset over OU put TCU firmly in the College Football Playoff picture.

At 3-3, a win over the Sooners wouldn’t do either of these things for TCU; however, a win for David here might be enough to save the Frog ship from sinking.

Delay of Recap: TCU

Beating TCU always feels good. Maybe it’s just a me thing, but there’s always a gratifying feeling after beating them that’s usually reserved for a rivalry game. Oh and it helps that this win has firmly catapulted the Sooners back into the Playoff.

The Sooners played exactly how anyone could want them to play Saturday. The offense was sharp, the defense showed it’s best effort since Ohio State and outside of a scoreless second half, there was nothing really to complain about.

  • Aside from the beginning, the energy was relatively normal. While the crowd stayed pretty much throughout the game (rare!), this wasn’t anywhere close to being a wild atmosphere. Once the OU offense got rolling and took firm control early, there was a general vibe that TCU was completely helpless to move down the field (unlike other Big 12 teams) and the defense had not chance of stopping the Oklahoma offense (like other Big 12 teams).
  • Holy hell was the secondary improved. I don’t want to jump to conclusions based on that vanilla TCU offense, but Tre Norwood and Tre Brown were a significant step up in the secondary category. While they did get burnt a time or two, there was a certain edge to their play that was a total breath of fresh air. Here’s to hoping Tre² stays a thing.
  • Baker has pretty much wrapped up the Heisman, but you already know that. The real discussion now shifts to where his place in the ranks of not only all-time Sooner greats is, but all time college football quarterbacks. Of course, the most defining parts of Baker’s legacy have yet to be written, but don’t forget to savor one of the best Sooners ever while you still can.
  • The Sooners dropped 38 on the 6th ranked defense in the country and barely tried to move the ball in the second. Really makes you think.
  • We probably have to beat this team again in Arlington, which is pretty frustrating. I’m not too worried about it, because Kenny Hill is trash and I’m starting to think nobody can outscore this offense right now. Here is the scary thing; I think the offense just keeps evolving.

MVP: Rodney Anderson. The comeback story of the year just keeps getting better. Sure, it took him until half the season, but Anderson has exploded out of nowhere as one of OU’s biggest offensive threats. His running Saturday has been as good as ever, but the thing that has separated him from Trey Sermon and Abdul Adams is his Mixon-like ability to run routes as a legitimate receiving threat.

Anderson played a complete game with 4 total touchdowns, half of them on the receiving end of things and 290 overall yards. If he keeps this up, Anderson might be the game changer that pushes Oklahoma to a national championship.

LVP: The Crowleyman. RIP. img_3689.png

Up Next: Kansas. Championship November baby!!!!!!

Around the Big 12: Week 11

Last Week: 2-3

Overall: 35-15

Not so great week for picking last week. But hey, that’s what happens when the conference you pick is decently inconsistant and Iowa State finally decides to come back to Earth.

This week will decide a lot as far as the conference championship picture goes. Two teams are playing an elimination game (OSU-Iowa State), while another two teams are playing for a virtual lock in the conference championship game (OU-TCU).

Oh and not to mention that second game? It’s #5 vs #6 with playoff implications at stake. Get excited.

Kansas @ Texas (Texas -34.0) 

We gather here today in remembrance of the greatest college football meme that ever was. Last year’s hilarious Kansas/Texas outcome might have been the funniest way for a Texas season to unravel. Yes, we had already known that Texas indeed wasn’t “back”. We knew they were garbage. But does that make one of the proudest programs in the history of the sport losing to one of the worst any less hilarious?

Nope. And while Texas will most likely beat Kansas Saturday, we all will hold this moment deep in our hearts. When the final gun goes off Saturday, keep these words in your mind:

“Don’t let Texas beating Kansas in football distract you from the fact Texas lost to Kansas in football.”

RIP, 2016 Texas/Kansas jokes. You will be missed. Texas, 56-3.

(please win Kansas)

#15 Oklahoma State @ #21 Iowa State (OSU -6.5)

Of course, the week I finally pick Iowa State, they decide to end their miracle Big 12 run. With that being said, i’m not even really sure the Cyclones are even out of this conference race.

With that being said, post-Bedlam Oklahoma State is probably the worst team to attempt to rebound against. The Cowboys didn’t exactly look bad against OU; they just couldn’t slow down Baker Mayfield.

I think this one might be a coin flip, but i’ll take the Pokes and Mason Rudolph in a big response. OSU, 35-24.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (KSU -2.5)

The Big 12 has a mediocre team problem. While most 4-4 teams would give up and roll over, the Wildcats just keep on chugging as a relative threat toward higher mid-tiered teams. That gutty win in Lubbock showed that K-State still has some heart left in them.

This is a huge trap game for West Virginia, who are just coming off a big win against Iowa State. The Mountaineers are somewhere between mediocre and top tier; this game will decide which category they belong in. I’m going ‘Neers. WVU, 21-10.

Baylor vs Texas Tech (Tech -7.5)

Talk about two programs going in different directions. Well, kinda; Baylor got it’s first win and Tech just continues to tumble further down. Tech is on a four game losing streak and what started as a positive season for Kliff Kingsbury is starting to look like his last. Do the Red Raiders have enough heart to get a win? I think so. Tech, 48-21.

#6 TCU @ #5 Oklahoma (OU -6.5)

These games are always a battle. As I’ve covered earlier this week, games between OU and TCU are always close. I honestly think this weekend’s battle will be more of the same.

TCU’s defense is easily the best in the Big 12, holding conference teams to an average of 12.5 points per game. However, is there actually any defense that can stop Baker Mayfield and that Oklahoma offense? Even the best defenses in the Big 12 can only hold OU to at best 30 points.

Does OU’s defense suck? Yeah. But Kenny Hill and TCU’s offense isn’t exactly a unit to be feared. All the defense has to do is hold this anemic offense (by Big 12 standards) to just enough points to fall under what Baker puts up.

I think the most dominant unit wins. OU, 42-38.


Game Week: TCU

The cardiac Sooners are at it again this week and the stakes have never been higher. After being dead in the water at least three times in the last five minutes of Saturday’s Bedlam, Oklahoma’s playoff hopes now must sustain another battle against another contender; this time against the #6 TCU Horned Frogs.


Who are the Horned Frogs?

Believe it or not, the best team in the state of Texas the past ten years has resides in Fort Worth. Gary Patterson has built a real juggernaut out of the Frogs, having won over 11 games nine times in 17 seasons as head coach. Comparatively, Texas A&M has won over 11 games only 4 times in 100 years. (H/t @TheFrogCastTCU on Twitter for this fact. Love me a good hilarious A&M comparison)

Sure that was impressive in the Mountain West, but TCU has been just as good in the Big 12. Since arriving in 2012, the Frogs have been the most successful program in the conference that isn’t located in Norman, Oklahoma.

Because of the success of both programs, you can bet there have been some pretty intense clashes between the two teams. How close have the Frogs and Sooners been? The margin of victory has never exceeded 7. Get ready for a battle.

(Hot take: TCU is our new third rival)

Last Time We Met: October 1st, 2016 in Fort Worth. OU 52, TCU 46


When you hear the term “game of runs”, the box score from this one should immediately show up.

TCU blew the doors off the 1-2 Sooners to start the game, taking a 21-7 lead out of the 1st quarter. Baker Mayfield and the Sooners charged back with an absurd 42-3 run, the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Somehow, the Frogs refused to die, responding right back with three touchdowns of their own in the 4th quarter to cut the OU lead to 3. Baker Mayfield closed out the game with a long drive ending in a Austin Seibert field goal to put away the Frogs for good.

Why You Should Care

Since 2000, OU has played in only four Top 10 matchups in Norman. We get number five on Saturday. Saturday’s game against the Frogs isn’t a fringe Top 10 game; this is #5 and #6. This game is obviously enormous for the Sooners; this is the last regular season Playoff hurdle left. Win this game and the path to winning out is a lot clearer.

Seriously, this is a game you need to stay for. Of all the endless Saturday’s you’ve had in Norman, there has never been a game as big as this (even if you are a super super senior and were here in 2012 for Notre Dame). When you were a freshmen thinking of how cool it would be to be at all the big football games, this game is the one you were thinking about. Logie’s can wait. Stick around, yell loud and enjoy the biggest game we’ve seen in Norman since 2008.


These games are always a battle. As I’ve said above, games between OU and TCU are always close. I honestly think this weekend’s battle will be more of the same.

TCU’s defense is easily the best in the Big 12, holding conference teams to an average of 12.5 points per game. However, is there actually any defense that can stop Baker Mayfield and that Oklahoma offense? Even the best defenses in the Big 12 can only hold OU to at best 30 points.

Does OU’s defense suck? Yeah. But Kenny Hill and TCU’s offense isn’t exactly to be feared. All the defense has to do is hold this anemic offense (well, by Big 12 standards) to just enough points to fall under what Baker puts up.

I think the most dominant unit wins. OU, 42-38.