OU Beats Kansas, 45-20, in A Slopfest

It wasn’t pretty, but the Oklahoma Sooners got a comfortable win against the Kansas Jayhawks 45-20 this Saturday.

While several Oklahoma fans (and bettors) left the game unsatisfied, the Sooners took care of business in this game, overcoming early issues to win commandingly.

Up Next: Texas. ‘Nuff Said.

There Will Be Blood: Beer Available For The First Time at Red River

For the first time in history, beer will be available in the seating area of the Cotton Bowl for OU-Texas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, beer sales will expand from the isolated beer garden to 26 full beer carts throughout the stadium.

From a general perspective, this deal makes a lot of sense. Both Oklahoma and Texas sell beer to the general public in their stadiums.

However, this is a move that will turn the atmosphere up to the next level. While I am okay with throwing hot oil on the most intense rivalry in college football, one has to imagine that things might get pretty intense after the traditional wild Friday night followed by the early morning pregame, a few wax cups and now we are keeping things heated through the game?

Overall, I’m all in favor of this. But please make sure you are aware of what you are getting into. This is a game not for the faint of heart, the elderly or young children.

Expect an atmosphere unlike any other on October 12th.

Power Ranking of the AT&T Boy Band Members by Punchability


Every college football season, fans are tortured by something that has nothing to do with football. Whether it’s an earworm Imagine Dragons song or irritating commercial, it’s always something.

However, nothing could prepare us for the hell that is AT&T’s Summertime Lover commercial.

Summertime Lover combines the painful audio repetition of an ESPN bumper song with the inescapable nature of an overpaid advertising campaign. After two weeks of it, college football fans are damn near ready to riot against this stupid boy band. So here is my power ranking of this terrible group of people by how much I want to punch them in their stupid faces.

5. Leg Holding Guy

Okay, this is actually pretty funny. I hadn’t noticed him until breaking down this article, but I did laugh and it’s too perfectly stupid to be mad at. Still punchable, but easily last.

4. Jazz Hands 21 Savage

The most neutral of all the members. I very much dislike him, but he’s not egregiously obnoxious or anything.

3. Knockoff Corbin Bleu Guy

Much like actual Corbin Bleu, this guy’s smug ass look and poofy Sideshow Bob hairdo is absolutely infuriating. This guy sucks.

2. Guy in the Act of Pooping

In a true upset, the centerpiece of this disaster of an advertisement is not the worst member. He’s responsible for nearly all of the putrid singing, looks like he’s a few hours past from eating some Spicy chicken from Popeye’s AND is rocking some frosted tips, but there is one far worse.

Although, he is close.

1. This F****** Guy

This man is Barstool’s KFC. You cannot convince me otherwise. He looks like he’s about to spew some cold ass take like barbecue being overrated, or some other clickbait-y take.

Everything about him makes make want to punch him. I actually punched my phone during the construction of this article.

The true champion of awful.

OU Handles Houston 49-31 Behind Massive Debut From Hurts

The stadium was filled in a different color, the quarterback was new, the defensive scheme was overhauled and the game wasn’t even played on Saturday.

However, for as different as Oklahoma’s win over Houston felt, the result wasn’t much different from most home games over the past 125 years.

Oklahoma made a statement Sunday behind a record debut from transfer quarterback Jalen Hurts and encouraging defensive play from Alex Grinch’s freshly implemented Speed D.

Were there some flaws along the way? Of course. What opening game doesn’t have hiccups?

However, this is an OU team that looks at least on par with previous Lincoln Riley coached offenses and finally seems to be making progress on improving on the defensive side of the ball.

With that being said, let’s go into notes.

  • This was an incredibly balanced receiving game. No receiver had more than three receptions and seven receivers got at least two catches.
    • Interesting nugget: of the five star freshman receivers from last recruiting class, only Jadon Haselwood registered a reception.
  • Most of the OU offense utilized the short game: small passes, short runs. Carving up a defense with short passes might not be as sexy as a barrage of Hollywood Brown long bombs, but it sure is effective.
  • Hurts led the team in rushing by a large margin, but Sermon and Brooks had nice showings as well with a few long runs.
  • I didn’t notice any glaring issues with the offensive line, so I guess they did a good job!
  • One major issue though? The kicking game. Tooooough debut for Calum Sutherland, who went 0/2 on field goals.
  • There is a clear improvement on defense. I know there are plenty of Gooners as well as even some rational fans who weren’t happy with the performance particularly towards the end of the game. However, an overhaul on the scale that Grinch is attempting to pull of is incredibly difficult and opening against Dana Holgorsen and D’Eriq King is tough. This unit is heading in the right direction.
  • Kenneth Murray was on a tear, going for 13 total tackles and 7 solos. K9 might be the best fit on the team for Speed D as it compliments his attacking, “act first” approach to the game.
  • No turnovers, which probably upset Grinch quite a bit. Thankfully, we didn’t really need them.
  • This defense is AGGRESSIVE, which honestly is a complete breath of fresh air.

MVP: Jalen Hurts

I mean, how could it not be?

I think we all thought Hurts would be really good. However, dropping 332 passing yards, 172 rushing yards and running for six touchdowns is an absolute field day.

Sure, Houston’s defense is pathetic. However, Hurts’ yard production is something we have never seen before at Oklahoma; even Kyler never dropped 300+ passing and 150+ rushing.

Overall, the most impressive part of Hurts’ night for me is easily how efficient he was through the air. His throwing prowess has always been the most scrutinized part of his game (I’ll be the first to admit I often referred to him as a running back at Alabama), so seeing him go 20/23 is an incredibly encouraging sign.

I know, it’s just game one, but if Hurts can perform like he did Sunday night, then the over inflated hype around him might not be as inaccurate as I once thought.

LVP: Dana Holgorsen

Poor guy finally can get away from the Sooners now I guess. Hopefully, not having to worry about OU will help restore a bit of his hair.

Other Notes:

  • Being the only game on was a cool, yet strange feeling. Following the other games as the day progresses is such a staple of college football gamedays that it left something somewhat missing from the experience. However, being able to lock in on enjoying the full gameday experience was pretty nice.
  • White out >>>>>>> stripe the stadium. The OU crowd bought in big time and it was a pretty cool sight.
  • Drinking beer in the stadium was as good as I thought it would be, but the lines were an absolute nightmare. Only being able to buy beer at a few carts is a wild move that made any in game beer run require you to sacrifice a quarter of football. Hopefully they expand sales as the season goes on, otherwise I suggest getting in early, grabbing two beers and calling it good for the game.
  • Best part about the in game experience? Not a single AT&T boyband commercial was played.

Up Next: South Dakota, aka a scrimmage where we all wait for Texas-LSU updates.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium Changes (2019 Edition)

Good news for 2019: there are only good changes this season at Memorial Stadium!


First and foremost: ALCOHOL! Yes, this season Oklahoma jumped on the “drinks at college stadiums” train, and we are all the better for it. While OU has been pretty mum on the specifics, there are a few details we can infer from last Spring’s pilot program.

We Are A Budweiser Stadium

Sorry Coors and Miller fans, the Bud Light will be flowing this season. Anheuiser-Busch has a stanglehold on most arenas and stadiums, and OU is no different. Judging from what saw during basketball season, here are some beers you can expect to see:

  1. Bud Light/Heavy (duh)
  2. Michelob Ultra
  3. ZiegenBock
  4. Shock Top
  5. LandShark Lager

What About Crafts?

Last season, we saw a lack of local craft beer at basketball games and the Spring Game. However, I’d be willing to bet COOP Ale Works will be available. You can get several of their beers, such as the F5 and Horny Toad, at Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma City Dodgers and Oklahoma State games, so I’d expect to see the same in Norman.


Ah yes, the big question of all of this: what spiked seltzer will keep OU’s Greek Life in the stands and away from Campus Corner? Will it be the meme-worthy White Claw, or the less catchy Truly?

The answer? Neither.

Anheuser-Busch’s horse in the seltzer race is Bon and Viv’s SpikedSeltzer, a label that is very much on the back burner. I’d expect them to push this at Owen Field this Fall.


There is actually reliable wi-fi in stadium now! So you can check scores, make live bets and drop your hot takes in stadium now. Yay Millenials!

Reminders From Last Year:


Walkthrough Metal Detectors

This is probably the most impactful change made last season. If you have been to a recent NBA, NFL or OU basketball game, you should know about these and how the process works.

If you don’t, listen up now because I swear I’ll be pissed if I end up behind you in line.

When you are in line, make sure you know to take all your metal items out and have them ready to put in the little bowl. Or even better, bring as few metal items as possible. If you aren’t sure what to remove, here is a helpful graphic from OU Athletics to educate you.

Metal detectors

Big reminder for everyone in route to the student section: buy plastic flasks, not metal. Your boots can’t save you now.

Clear Bag Policy

This one goes out to the girls and weirdos who bring backpacks to the game. Like the NFL and various other college teams and leagues, OU has implemented a clear bag policy. This means that non- clear bags and purses that are larger than 6.5 x 4.5 are banned. This means that you either have to ditch the purse or take it back and neither option is good.

Before you go, be absolutely sure that your clutch fits 6.5 x 4.5. Don’t guesstimate, because that will lead to you being almost 100% wrong and missing the first quarter because you had to turn back to your tailgate/home/car.

Attached below is an official bag policy graphic, if the explanation wasn’t clear enough.

Clear bag

Top 10: Things I Miss About Gamedays

College Football is back in just 17 days and while I am thrilled for the new season, this stretch of the off-season easily is the most brutal.

Sure, training camps are going on, but at this point, there aren’t enough videos of Jalen Hurts tossing the rock around in shells to make this wait any easier. So, maybe a little hackneyed Top 10 list might be just the thing needed to blow off a little CFB hype. 

Nothing tops College Football Gameday, for a million different reasons. The bands, tailgates, incredibly unique traditions across the country, all of it is just unlike any sport on Earth. Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the whole sport makes it nearly impossible to replicate a Gameday. Hell, every Spring we attempt to do it with glorified scrimmages and even then it can’t match up. 

Sure, some of the things you do on gameday you can do any day. But on Gameday? It’s just different. Here are my Top 10 things I miss the most about College Football Gamedays, in no particular order. Let’s get this going.


Waking Up Early For College Gameday

This is going to be a big-time unpopular opinion. I get it, sleeping in on Saturdays is a fantastic feeling. But college football is my perfect alarm clock, whether or not your team’s game kicks off at 11 AM or not. The best way to start a Saturday is to wake up, get a deep breath of crisp morning air, slap a ribeye on the grill, make your final bets and flip on College Gameday. It’s the perfect way to start the best days of the year. 

As for the show, yeah I know it isn’t as good as it used to be. Still, it’s a great way to start the day if you have nothing better to do.

Walking Up/Down The Ramp For The First Time

There is just something special about those first steps into the stadium every game. Whether it’s a warm welcome home to your home field or the thrill of seeing something new, nothing is quite like the slight emotional crescendo of seeing the seating bowl for the first time, with the field a perfect glistening shade of emerald.

Grilling (And the Smells That Come With It)

Most tailgate duties aren’t fun. Hauling stuff, setting up tents, having to pay the satellite bill/grab propane/ dealing with backlash for making pancakes for an 11 AM game.

However, manning the grill is a designation of honor, one that comes with utmost trust and respect. It’s a duty of pride and of much importance. However, even if you aren’t the grillmaster or operating a tailgate at all, the collective smell of a Gameday is a treat all its own. 

Cheap, Cold, Beer

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about college football that makes a nice, cold, Busch Light into a can of heaven (keep in mind, this is coming from someone who loves to track down craft beers). I love a nice IPA or Stout as much as anything but on gameday the most expensive I’ll go is Michelob Ultra or a Shiner Bock if I’m feeling fancy.

Unless someone bootlegs Yuengling or St. Arnold’s Lawnmower into the state, of course. Nothing beats those. 

(The jury remains undecided on whether or not White Claws will be improved by Gameday, will update)


Catching Up With Old Friends

This might be a preemptive “old man/postgrad” selection, but whatever. Sure, these are the same people you just hung out with for the past four (or five) years, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’ll just be more fun to bring back a bit of the glory days (okay sure I’m only like three months graduated but still). 

Getting Big Upset Updates on the Out Of Town Board

One unique thing about most stadiums is that no matter how much you upgrade the cell service, the second you enter. This leads you to rely on the ye olde method to get score updates for upsets and “special interest games”: the out of town scores ticker. 

Is this the most convenient way to get updates? Of course not. But there is something so exciting about collectively getting a score update that matters and the tension that builds as you wait for the random North Texas-Tulsa type updates to move along for the good stuff. 

Pregame Bands (Mainly, The Pride of Oklahoma)

Yeah, this is a massive nerdy pick, but I don’t care. At home, the pregame performance is one of the most exciting moments of the day for me. No matter how much the stadium, university players, or I change, I know that this moment will always bring me right back to the days of being a kid in Section 7, Row 49. It’s just awesome to me. 

On the road, the pregame band offers something different. It’s a showcase of the uniqueness of college football: no team does the exact same thing.

Celebrating a Big Play

The stakes for OU usually don’t get very high. Few teams play the Sooners tight, so either the situation is:

  1. OU is blowing out an inferior team, excitement is low, people leave for the bars early out of boredom.
  2. OU is struggling against an inferior team, people are beyond pissed and excitement is tempered by nerves, people leave for the bars out of annoyance. 
  3. OU is playing a good team and excitement is high. People still leave for the bars for some reason. 

So whenever a truly BIG play happens in a good game that isn’t marred by the Sooners underperforming, it’s a truly thrilling moment.

Is this an obvious pick? Maybe. I still miss it. 

The Intro Video

This one has lost stock over the years, but it still is a big moment of Gameday. When properly done, the intro can send the crowd into a frenzy. Check out some of these classic intros and tell me you aren’t at least a little hype for college football (also watch how the trailer music and style evolves from that of a PS2 cutscene into a Christopher Nolan Batman trailer).

(Also shout out to 2003 when we thought using a Nickelback Elton John cover was a good idea, OOF)


It isn’t for everyone, but damn I miss gambling on college football. Setting a slate of games for a full day and tracking it adds so much more intrigue to the overall scope of college football. Hell, even when money isn’t involved it’s intriguing: sometimes I legit rooted harder for Weekend Spread picks than ones with money on them.

Do you have a tradition of your own you’re looking forward to this season or have an idea for another Top 10 list? Comment below or Tweet us @SchoonerBlog and we’ll get back to you. This will be an exciting season, so stay tuned.

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Live On, University

This was always my dream.

Since before I could ever even think of wanting anything, going to and getting a degree from the University of Oklahoma has been an enormous goal of mine. Through the highest and lowest points of my life, the goal of earning that degree has pushed me through it all.

Today, I will officially receive my Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism for Public Relations. A Sooner forever.

I fell in love with OU as a kid riding on my Dad’s shoulders through Fall leaves the way many young Oklahomans do: watching Sooner football. The university is in my family’s blood, going back through my Dad’s mom’s side as far back as you can look. Much like my college years, following the football team as a kid took me from Pasadena to Miami, experiencing legendary players and moments along the way.

While my dreams of playing for the Sooners died in high school (5’8, 145 fullbacks don’t cut it at Heritage Hall), my passion for the school didn’t. Through what truly were the most difficult years in my life, I somehow scrapped out a decent enough GPA to let my good ACT score vault me into the school of my dreams, getting admission into the University by a hair in late April 2014.

I arrived on campus in August with potluck roommate, a few basic decorations for my room and a Wii U. I’ll never forget the moment my Mom left my dorm after setting it up and feeling so completely overwhelmed with how alone I felt. Thankfully, my close friends from back home who also went down to Norman were there to help ease the transition. Without them, I don’t know if I’d have the confidence to go out at meet the great people I did at OU.

After a few weeks of realizing I was missing out on Greek Life, I found a family with Sigma Nu, a group of guys who I’m incredibly proud to call lifelong friends and brothers. From setting up tailgates weekly to the random weekday hot tub sessions at Crimson Park, the moments with these guys freshman year are some of my most cherished memories. That set up some tremendous years.

When I wasn’t in class or messing around in Norman that first Fall semester, I was on the road, following the Sooners. No trip sparked my love of road game travel more than that first road game in Fort Worth with Blake, who was years away from sailing the high seas. The game ended in a loss (which would turn out to be the one true road loss I would see), but without that experience I don’t know if I would have ever gotten the spark that made this website.

Fort Worth also spawned a second home for me, and it would be an omission if I didn’t shout out the TCU boys and for showing me around. My life would be much poorer if I had never drank a Wild Acre, had Haim brisket or enjoyed an evening at The Pub.

Over my years, I put over 100k miles on my dear old Honda Pilot in road trips and from the long road trips to every little hop down to Dallas, I enjoyed every trip in every city. Yes, even the Lubbock ones. I’ll always cherish moments like the wild New Year’s Eve in Miami, the thriller against Baylor in the pouring rain, escaping death in Lawrence, spending a weekend in an RV Camper in Ames, and without need for comment, the epic that was Columbus.

I’ll miss Norman deeply. From early morning Bagel Cafe, to nights at O’Connell’s with pitchers and Ranchhand Burgers, leaving the food here will leave a hole in both my heart and stomach. I’ll miss the way the trees turn in the fall, the long walks from Chautauqua, not having to pay for parking on gameday and summers at The Cottages pool. After five years, Norman has truly become more of a home than I’ve ever had.

As leave OU, the one project I am most proud out is this very website. When I started this project, I did so as a leap of faith. I wrote, but wasn’t a writer. I had considered doing something like this, but it wasn’t until days before kickoff that I just went and did it. I’ll never forget writing that first article on my phone at Das Boot, terrified about showing my work to the world, laying my talents bare. The same fear was ten-fold for the launch of The Schooner Pod last August.

While the clicks, views and listens have never been world-breaking, it was never about money or clout. It was just about making something and having them enjoy it. If even one of you have, I consider all this a success. If we ever do blow up someday, that mission will remain the same. I’m looking forward to keeping this thing rolling into my post-grad life.

As for what I’m doing next? All I know is that there are big things on the way.

I cannot possibly thank everyone who has supported me along the way enough for all they have done for me. It means the world to me. Because of your support, at some time today after 4 PM, the little kid who rode on his dad’s shoulders will achieve something he’s wanted all his life. I guess there are only two phrases left to say.

Thank you and Boomer Sooner!