The Schooner Pod: Week 6

In the first of two special episodes in honor of OU-Texas, the boys break down Oklahoma’s big performances in the Baylor game and make their picks for Week 6 around college football. Also included? Oklahoma beer talk, big news in Jamison’s Cruitin’ Corner and an update on the Heisman conversation.
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Oh and coming tomorrow? An OU-Texas special episode, just for you. Get hype.

OU Stomps Baylor, 66-33

That felt really, really good.

After two weeks of frustrating football, the Sooners finally got a true blowout. Kyler Murray tied a school record for all-purpose touchdowns with a whopping 7, as the Oklahoma offense looked unstoppable all game.

Murray wasn’t without help as his receiving tandem of Hollywood Brown and Ceedee Lamb broke off several big plays against the Bears. The time of possession slanted hard for Baylor, but it was mainly due to the Oklahoma offense scoring at a crazy rate.

The Sooners defense wasn’t great by any means, but did more than enough to get the win. OU has to shore things up and get healthy before the Red River Shootout next weekend.

Up next: Texas; but this time they don’t suck.

The Weekend Spread: Week 5

Bobby: 6-2 (17-14)

Jamison: 4-4 (15-16)

Blake: 5-3 (18-13)

Last Week

Reeeeeeebrand! Welcome to the Weekend Spread, formerly the Prediction Squad. Why? Because we like this name better. Last week, Bobby randomly caught fire, Blake kept the pace and Jamison stayed put with a .500 week. We are fully conference play, so things are now getting interesting in the Big 12. Get ready for the mud. 

(Lines are taken from the beginning of the week)

#7 Stanford @ #8 Notre Dame (ND -5)

Bobby: Despite the narrow overtime win against Oregon, I’m still big on the Cardinal. Even though Bryce Love has had a subpar season so far, I think the passing game changes this team; so much so that I’ve said it basically weekly. They have had a tough schedule so far, so fatigue might finally set in Saturday in South Bend, but I think Stanford finally exposes the Irish. Stanford, +5

JamisonStanford is one of my playoff teams and is somehow still alive after Oregon choked against them last week. Gotta keep rolling with my dark horse playoff team, even though I am irked by this game. I can definitely see Notre Dame doing well, because of their good record at home, but let’s roll with Stanford. I think you will all get used to me saying “screw it” on a lot of my picks for the rest of the year. Stanford, +5

BlakeEverybody is always talking about how ESPN is going downhill now. Many people point to the political stances they take, but I point to the moment when they fired both Mark May and Lou Holtz from their college football coverage. The most electric segment ever was the simulated courtroom with Lou and Mark when they would argue different hot takes surrounding college football and honestly, that segment inspired me to be a lawyer. RIP Lou Holtz and give me Notre Dame. Notre Dame, -5

#4 Ohio State @ #10 Penn State (tOSU -4)

Bobby: Ahh, the annual edition of the Morally Corrupt Bowl. This is a massive game in the Big Ten East (aka “the good division) as it has the potential to be a separation game for the winner. I think Penn State is garbage that has been narrowly skating by on luck. Ohio State is a legit team that is reenergized by their Heisman candidate, Dwayne Haskins. Weird things always happen in Happy Valley, but I think the Buckeyes push through for a comfortable win. Ohio State, -4

Jamison: My Durdy’s Locks of the Week™ haven’t gone too well this year, but here is another one. Penn State has been very disappointing this year (i.e. App State), and Ohio State has looked better than most thought.  I love what tOSU quarterback Haskins has been doing this year, and I am going to ride with them. Ohio State big. Ohio State, -4

BlakeIn the Sweep It Under The Rug Bowl, two teams who are in a deadlocked race to see who can be more hated meet for in a highly contested game that basically determines the Big 10 this year. I hate both of these schools and want them to both to lose so bad, but sadly I have to choose a winner. Ohio State I think takes this one easily. Ohio State, -4

(P.S. Urban Meyer’s wife got triggered on Twitter this week after saying that Penn State fans wearing shirts that say “Urban Liar” on them is offensive and indicative of low moral character. Nothing like someone trying to play the victim when they failed to report multiple instances of domestic violence [insert shrug emoji].)

#20 BYU @ #11 Washington (UW -17.5)

Bobby: The Morman Giant Slayers are back and ready to take down another top 15 opponent in Washington. While I don’t think they will win, BYU is a scrappy squad that will keep this game close, especially against a Washington team that has been underperforming all season. 17.5 points is an absurd amount of points to give to this mediocre Husky team and if this trend continues, I will be raking in the wins this season picking against them. BYU, +17.5

JamisonI am very iffy on this pick. I love how BYU has been doing, and have not been stunned with Washington, but BYU’s schedule has been tough. I do not think BYU can keep it up, and loses by 21. Washington, -17.5 (Side note on BYU, how the hell is Tanner Mangum still in school? He is the Jevon Carter of football.)

Blake: In high school, my friend Reilly and I met a Mormon girl through serving on the Oklahoma Junior Classical League executive board (humble brag). She was very attractive and still to this day it is hotly contested whether she was more into me or Reilly. The Fake News media would say Reilly, but all signs pointed to her liking me. Sadly, I didn’t make a move and she ended up marrying a guy a year later. Still bitter, so give me Washington. Washington, 17.5

Iowa State @ TCU (TCU -10.5)

Bobby: It has been a pretty rough two weeks for TCU. While it’s never easy to beat Ohio State, I (and everyone else) thought the Frogs would definitely be good enough to beat Texas in Austin. Instead, what looked to be the second best team in the Big 12 is facing somewhat of a “must win” game here in week 5. Iowa State isn’t really that special, coming out flat last week in a win against Akron. This game has the potential to get messy, but I think TCU gets a much needed comfortable win against the Cyclones. TCU, -10.5

JamisonTCU really upset me with their performance last week. I saw good sparks of their play in the Ohio State game, but it did not transfer that well to the next week. I still love TCU’s team, and I think this will be a good week for them. OU fans, Iowa State is not as good as they showed to be in our game versus them. TCU, -10.5

BlakeLast week, I was depressed that TCU’s season was basically ended by losing to Texas. This week, I am rejuvenated and realized my team can play the most Blake role of all time. Dem Frogz can play the role of the “Agent of Chaos”. Sure we probably will not win the Big 12, but we can burn it down by beating any potential playoff team. As Michael Caine (Alfred) said in the Dark Knight, “Some men aren’t looking f anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn”. Give me the Frogz in this one. TCU, -10.5

Oklahoma State @ Kansas (OSU -17.5)

Bobby: CORN DOG IS WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS. What an absolute stinker for the Cowboys last weekend against Texas Tech. All it took was one bad weekend for OSU’s season to fall of the verge of tumbling into disaster. The loss was ugly, but the Jalen McClusky exit from the team days later was worse. Luckily for the Pokes, they get a bit of a layup here to hit the reset button. Kansas is improved, but not anywhere close to competing in the Big 12. Oklahoma State, -17.5

JamisonSometimes you got to get lucky. OSU is in turmoil, with their best WR electing to transfer and redshirt this year. But, all things aside, if you saw this line before the season, you’d be stunned how much Vegas has disrespected OSU. Even though there is havoc in the Cowboy’s locker room, you’ve got to think the sheer talent on this OSU team is enough to cover. Oklahoma State, -17.5

BlakeOSU (Oklahoma State) is trying to do their best OSU (Ohio State) impression by trying to show how little they care about people outside their football program. Mike Gundy stooped so low this week to blackmail Stillwater reporters into not asking questions about one of his players who is transferring. These reporters are just trying to do their job and uphold First Amendment rights, while communist Mike Gundy just wants to tear that down. If there is one thing we learn from this college football season is trying to silence people is not the answer to your problems. Sadly, the communist reign supreme in this one and I am going with OSU. Oklahoma State, -17.5

#12 West Virginia @ #25 Texas Tech (WVU -4)

Bobby: If you told me the Red Raiders would be ranked after their disaster in Week One, I would call you crazy. The Tech offense has been reinvigorated under their freshman quarterback and actually look to be a reasonable team in the Big 12. However, I feel like this happens every year; these middle of the pack Big 12 teams get hot, pop into the top 25 for a week and then get shoved down by another middle team. This West Virginia football team looks to finally be the real deal and they are about to face their first big test of the season. I think they pass it. West Virginia, -4

JamisonTexas Tech is hot and ranked. Did not see this one coming. Don’t buy into the hype. Sell Tech stock now. West Virginia humbles them. West Virginia, -4

BlakeRaider Rash v. Cousin Fever. The battle between these two ailments highlights one of my favorite games of the week. I think the Tech is going to alpha West Virginia in a big way. ESPN showed a depressing graphic last week that showed that all of Will Grier’s siblings had more social media followers than him, even though he is a D1 quarterback. I don’t like the fact that the Alpha on a football team is a Beta in his family. Give me the Raiders to win. Texas Tech, +4

#18 Texas @ Kansas State (UT -8.5)

Bobby: So Texas might actually be good. They’ve had an impressive past two weeks and are poised to enter the Red River Shootout ranked for the first time since 2012. So, why do I have the feeling that they are somehow going to mess this up?

It’s a bizarre fact, but somehow Texas is just 1-7 in Manhattan all time.


Overall, they are 5-7 against the Bill Snyder teams. So basically, even when Texas, one of the richest football programs on Earth, actually was good they STILL couldn’t beat Kansas State regularly. While the Wildcats look rough this season, I’m going with history. Bill Snyder gets one more random Texas win. Kansas State, +8.5

JamisonI am cursed on picking the lines on both of these teams. I have not won once, but it has to budge. I honestly just have to get lucky and pick one randomly. Screw it. Texas, -8.5

BlakeIn this week’s edition of Blake’s Gambling Tip®, always take whatever team is playing against K State that week. People think that because Bill Synder (#overrated) is head coach, that the will keep games close. This team sucks and will actually make the Kansas v. Kansas State game interesting this year. Sadly, I have to take the Horns in this one. Texas, -8.5

Baylor @ #5 Oklahoma (OU -23.5)

Bobby: While I know last week was a minor disaster, I still think this is a good OU team. People have been pounding the Sooners this week and fairly so. This game against Baylor offers an opportunity for Oklahoma to get back on track and right the ship before heading up to Dallas next weekend. However, a bad showing here could increase the already high stress level even higher. I think Baylor is good enough to cover this spread, but OU will come out impressive. Baylor, +23.5

Jamison: OU is in a severe need of a bounce back game to calm down the Gooners on the chat boards. We are not in panic mode yet. Call me crazy, but I think we match up decently well vs. this Baylor team. I think the defense will come back and have an average, but improved, game. OU narrowly covers, wins by 27. Oklahoma, -23.5

BlakeThe MVP of OU’s season is not Kyler Murray, it is imugentsukuyomi. Many might not know who this, but the few who do know he is a hero. Imugentsukuyomi was the brave soul last week that held up his phone for over an hour to live stream the 4th quarter and OT on Twitch saving over 30,000 viewers the $50+ it costs to buy a game that was supposed to be a blow out. Imugentsukuyomi kept complaining the entire time how he had to go piss, but he stayed strong in the pocket to ensure that all the cheapos out there could watch the game for free. Honestly, his commentary on the game was significantly better than anything any channel could produce, so he was the one who deserved the $50. Imugentsukuyomi probably got kicked off of Twitch after it went viral that he had the second biggest stream of the day by illegally streaming that game, but his efforts will never be forgotten. A true hero in the digital age. OU by a million. Oklahoma, -23.5

The Schooner Pod: Week 5

After an infuriating win in Norman last Saturday, Bobby and Jamison try to figure out how much to take away from the Army game, the Norman bar problem, what to expect from the Baylor game on Saturday and their thoughts on an exciting Week 5 slate of college football.
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Game Week: Baylor

Everyone catch their breath? Okay, good.

After a heart problem inducting win against Army, the Sooners have a chance to get things back on the positive side against Baylor.

Game Info:

Kickoff: 2:30 PM CT


Radio: 107.7 The Franchise (OKC), 97.5 KMOD (Tulsa)


Meet the Bears

Baylor isn’t near the power house they were when I got to OU in 2014, but they are definitely not the 1-11 dumpster fire they were last season. Matt Rhule has his team on the right track so far this season, with a 3-1 record. Granted, they fell flat in their one big challenge against Duke, but they aren’t losing to the likes of Liberty and UTSA.

As is tradition with Baylor, their strength lies in their offense. The defense leaks points against teams like Abilene Christian, so expect the going to be pretty good for the OU offense. As far as the offense goes, it’s nothing the Sooners haven’t faced before.

Who to Watch For:

#84 Jalen Hurd, WR

If the name sounds familiar, it should. Back in 2015, Jalen Hurd was the feature back on the Tennessee that the Sooners played that fateful night in Neyland Stadium. Years later, Hurd has found his way onto the Baylor Bears as a wide receiver.

Baylor has a stable of big receivers, something that should immediately frighten any OU fan. Hurd is a five star caliber talent that also plays out of the backfield at times. This is the guy you definitely want to keep an eye on for Saturday.

Why You Should Be Excited:

Big 12 season is back, this time in full force. Every game gets good now, no matter who they are (except Kansas). I think Baylor isn’t a world beater by any means, they have the firepower to make this game interesting. They also won’t have the ball for 45 minutes of game time, meaning that the beautiful Oklahoma offense can once again stretch its legs and score.


Series History (OU Leads 24-3)

While the series history is significantly slanted towards the OU side, in recent history the Sooners and Bears have always played each other tight. Even in last season’s 1-11 disaster of a season, Baylor played OU tight, giving the Sooners a massive scare in Waco with a 49-42 nail biter of a game.

If Saturday is anything last season’s game, be ready for a stresser of a ballgame.


The road to hitting every game on the schedule isn’t fully paved with classics. This weekend in Waco, certainly wasn’t one of them.

This trip was handled a little differently. Instead of staying Friday night and Saturday night in the game city, we actually did something a little differently this trip. We just drove to Waco in the morning and drove back to stay in Plano after the game. I’m going to give myself a pass here; I’ve been to Waco before and with the town not exactly being the coolest stop this year, I decided to save some money better used on State Fair coupons for OU-Texas.

We started our trip under the pink-orange Oklahoma sunrise at about 7 am. This trip had a road trip skeleton crew compared to Columbus; it was just me and Bar Review vet Mike Bussow. It was a quick shot down I-35 and we rolled into town just in time for lunch at one of my favorite road trip stops.


Vitek’s Barbecue was introduced to me in 2015 by some of my girlfriend’s close friends who go to Baylor. Vitek’s is a Waco treasure that has been around for over 100 years. Most barbecue joints focus on the basics: brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage, sauce, solid sides, cold beer (if you’re lucky). This place puts everything good into a styrofoam container and mashes it all together in something known as a Gut Pak. It’s a beautiful symphony of brisket, sausage, cheese, Fritos, beans and barbecue sauce. I recommend getting the half pak in a large container, it gives you more space to mix all the ingredients up.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the checkout counter. As we got in line, my phone started blowing up thanks to a group text with my old high school friends (we actually, legitimately refer to the group as “The Group Text”, real creative, I know). Adrian Wojnarowski, the czar of breaking NBA stories, was reporting that the Oklahoma City Thunder were in talks to acquire Carmelo Anthony. By the time I got through the line, Carmelo was a member of the Thunder and my college football Saturday had been invaded by the NBA. My mind was the farthest place from my Gut Pak.

img_3245 Right after finishing our ‘cue and a couple Lone Star’s, our crew (which now included Mike’s sister and her friend) found a rare free parking place and make the trek across the Baylor campus to McLane Stadium.

I don’t care if the stadium is four years old, walking up to McLane Stadium over the Brazos River is one of the coolest entrances in college football. The stadium on the river is really cool and the concept of sailgating makes me wish OU had a water feature to drink on.

The vibe on campus was kinda eerie. Compared to 2015, the atmosphere on campus was completely dead. It was almost sad in a way.


The pregame hangout in Waco is this big tailgate tent called George’s. If you don’t have friends with a tailgate, this is the move to get some beers. You can domestic beers here for $4, including Shiner. This is Texas, after all.

After meeting up with some friends at George’s and spending all my cash, we got word of a tailgate hosted by alumni of my fraternity’s Baylor chapter handing out free beer. We couldn’t miss out on this. We approached the tent about 30 minutes before we needed to hit up will call and immediately were told to shotgun some beers. We aren’t talking Natty either; these crazy Bears had us downing craft shit. My poor buddy Matt downed a tangerine IPA.

Once we paid our dues, they handed out some more casual drinking beers. Apparently they have a sponsorship from a brewery called Southern Star Brewing in Conroe, Texas. In other news, I would like to immediately announce that The Schooner Blog is officially accepting beer sponsorship offers so hit me up.

The game itself was absolutely brutal. I didn’t do a quick reaction, so here are my thoughts: OU had a great start but the Defense blew it. MVP is Trey Sermon, LVP is Jordan Thomas. The refs were particularly terrible. Honestly, that game was just aggravating to watch. The last part of the 4th quarter felt like it drug on forever. My recap is basically just this Curb Your Enthusiasm gif on an infinite loop.

Leaving the stadium less than enthusiastic, we made the same long, brutal walk across campus dreading the hour-plus drive back to Plano. Going out was out of the question. The only things that mattered were getting the win, getting to bed and hitting up In-N-Out in Plano. On to the next one.

Bar Reviews: McNellie’s

Looking for a true pub? McNellie’s is the place. This Main Street bar boasts an absurdly large beer selection and genuine pub food.

Sum up McNellie’s in the length of a Tweet.

Bobby: I hope you like beer

Joe: Good drinks, aggressively average food.

Mike: A Main Street staple, McNellies is the place for damn good beer, period.

Which night is the best night for McNellie’s?

Bobby: McNellie’s has Pint Night on Mondays. Get a specific beer and you can keep the glass, which isn’t too bad.

Joe: Monday night for sure. You get a pint of beer and keep the glass.

Mike: Wednesday’s $4 burger night is hard to beat, but Monday’s pint night is a can’t miss. Buy the beer, keep the glass and learn to like drinking something other than Bud Light.

Favorite thing about McNellie’s?

Bobby: For Norman, the beer selection is out of this world. If you want a beer, there’s a good chance it’s here.

Joe: The beer selection is the best in Norman.  It’s also a pretty low key bar if you aren’t looking to wait in line at Campus Corner.

Mike: Selection. Over 200 beers and if you have the time or money, trying each one gets you a plaque on the wall and a mug. I’m not saying I’ve drank from Jake Bryan’s mug but I’m not saying I haven’t. From Stiegel with a shot of clementine Svedka, to “chocolate milk,” you’ll find something great here every time.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: I’m pretty sure i’ve sat by a table playing Magic the Gathering in here before.

Joe: The food is definitely overpriced for what you get.

Mike: This should be a great place to catch a weekday football game, but the TV/Projector setup is disappointing and nonexistent at the bar. I get the whole “put down your phone and talk to someone” vibe the bar is pushing, but 80% of the people there have nose rings and neck tattoos. Not my crowd and not anyone reading this’s crowd.

What’s the go-to order here?

Bobby: It usually depends on what’s new on tap. So usually something local, I usually go with something from Prairie or Anthem.

Joe: Boulevard Tank 7 or St. Bernardus ABT 12 (Editor’s Note: Typical Joe)

Mike: The Sunday afternoon hangover cure: A bowl of beer chili, cheese, and crackers, with a Crispin Cider on the side.