Army-Navy Preview

Editor’s Note: While the college football bowl season is still a bit away, the season isn’t over yet: we still have Army-Navy. While we know a little bit about Army (who should be ranked), we brought in a guest writer and active duty Marine to get you both educated and hyped for one of the greatest traditions in College Football. Anonymous Sooner, take it away. 

Hello everyone. First off, as I have been identified as an active duty Marine, I am legally required to mention that all views and opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not reflect the USMC, Department of the Navy, or Department of Defense. Now that due diligence has been paid to mandatory legal disclosures, let’s begin.

This weekend the only College Football game will be the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA (because not even this sacred game can escape the grasp of corporate America). Army and Navy first met on the gridiron on November 29, 1890, and naturally, the superior team won: Navy 24, Army 0. This pretty much set the tone for the series as a whole, with Navy leading in every meaningful category. The game has been played 118 times, as between 1890 and 1930 they played only 30 times. (That is 30 out of 40 years for you Oklahoma State people out there.) The overall results are skewed towards Navy to the tone of 60-51-7. Army does hold a pair of notable records in the game: the longest losing streak (14 from 2002-2015), and the largest loss (51-0 in ’73).

The game has been played in several locations but is mostly played in Philadelphia, as it is somewhat of a neutral site between the beautiful city of Annapolis, Maryland, and wherever Army is. (Somewhere in upstate NY so might as well be College Station.) Interestingly enough the game was traditionally played on Rivalry Weekend but was moved to Championship Weekend, before shifting to its current weekend in order to draw a larger audience. The DOD cherishes its free three-hour commercial from College Gameday and rampant Walmart patriotism. “Hey kids, if you want an Ivy League level education and loathe the idea of a fun college experience, have we got two schools that fit you!” -DOD (probably).

Saturday, December 8th

Lincoln Financial Field in Philedelphia, PA

2:00 CT on CBS

Line: Army -7

Meet the Teams

Army Black Knights (U.S. Military Academy at West Point)

This years Army team is no joke. Obviously, I don’t need to tell Sooner fans this, but this season is quite the achievement for Army. The Black Knights are 9-2 with hopes of ending their season at 11-2, with their two losses being in Norman in overtime and in their season opener at Duke. This Army team could very easily be undefeated, and a win in Norman would have made them the worthiest undefeated Knights to participate in the College Football Playoff. As this did not occur, they are 9-2 and only made it into the Armed Forces Bowl. This Army team desperately wants to be ranked and receive the respect they feel that they deserve. Motivation will be a real key to Army’s success this weekend, as they are coming in fired up and ready to do some damage.

Army has not shown knowledge of the recent-ish legalization of the forward pass this season, but their triple option is almost perfect. I really respect the, “you know exactly what we are about to do, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” approach.  OU fans know all too well one of Army’s greatest abilities: clock management and controlling the time of possession. The Army defense has also shown promise this season allowing an average of 18.7ppg, and 301.3ypg. (could you imagine what people would be saying if the Sooner defense was even close to this?). Army is no joke this year, and I must tip my hat to their success this season, but they are picking up their third loss of the season this Saturday.

Key Player

RB #33 Daniel Woolfolk (Sr. or “Cadet Firstie” in West Point lingo, lol nerds)

Woolfolk rushed for 71 yds, on 21 attempts against Oklahoma earlier in the season, and has only rushed for over 100 yds once this season. He leads Army in rushing and is a large in your face back, who will deliver hits to get that extra yard. He is the personification of an Army offense: the numbers aren’t flashy, but he grinds out the victory. Old school-football perfected is what you will see from Army this weekend, and expect to hear Woolfolk`s name called frequently. Old-school football, old-school name. What more could you ask for?

Navy Midshipmen (U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD)

This just hasn’t been Navy’s year. While their record is nearly the opposite of Army’s at 3-9, Navy did defeat a solid Memphis team, and the second-best team in Oklahoma (Tulsa). Navy is traditionally the better team in every way, on and off the field. The Midshipmen have struggled on offense this year, averaging only 72.2 passing yards per game, and an unimpressive 26.3ppg. Interestingly enough, these numbers are not too far behind Army. The big difference between Army and Navy is the defense. Navy is allowing 438.3ypg and 34.9ppg, which makes them pretty much equal to OU, but without the most explosive offense, best quarterback, and best offensive coach in college football to bail them out.

Navy`s season has just been disappointing in almost every way. The only thing that the Midshipmen have to look forward to this season is a solid win this weekend.  Now, I’ve been making some bold statements about the game this weekend, so later I’ll back up those up with a solid metric.

Key Player

QB #10 Malcolm Perry (Jr. or Midshipman 2nd Class)

Midn. 2C Perry has been Navy’s most dynamic player for several years. He has bounced between QB and RB several times. He currently has 10 completions for 222 yds all season with two TDs and one interception. Perry is far better on the ground, with 1,035 yds and averaging just over 6 yards per carry. It is of note that he also has 149 yds and a TD as a receiver. He truly is Navy’s offense playing whenever and wherever he is needed. His 37% completion ratio is terrible, but his athleticism makes him a far better QB than scrubs like Taylor “Corndog” Cornelius from Oklahoma State.

Uniform History


ac-cs-navy-uniforms-1018Navy’s uniform this year is based on their mascot Bill the Goat. The uniforms feature blue helmets featuring a charging Bill, white jerseys with blue and gold accents and white pants. This is a more conservative uniform choice for Navy, as they are the Blue Blood and don’t need flashy alternates. Also expect Navy’s uniforms to feature an anchor for the Navy, an Eagle, Globe and Anchor for the Marines, and varying unit patches to honor units across the Navy and Marines, as is tradition. Navy’s uniforms are by far the better uniform, hands down.

Included for your viewing pleasure are some past Navy uniforms for the game.



navy 2012 (1)
navy 2013 (1)

The 2012 uniforms are my all time favorite, the helmets with the matte white top accented by the polished gold, with a gloss blue bottom and facemask. The beautiful, classy jerseys feature a nod to the Midshipmen epaulettes worn on naval dress uniforms and the traditional unit patches from across the Navy and Marines. Perfection.


army 2018 (1)

Honoring the 1st Infantry Division, “the Big Red One”, Army will be wearing an all-black ensemble with red, and gold accents. Army is commemorating the first American battle of WWI 100 years ago, the Battle of Cantigny won by the 28th Infantry Regiment. The 28th Inf. is also honored in the uniform with the team wearing a version of the unit’s traditional collar insignia. Army further honors WWI by wearing a 48-star flag on their helmets, as that was the flag carried to victory in WWI. This look that Army is going with this year is absolutely amazing. Every piece of the uniform holds significance.

army (1)

Just look at that uniform, Army really brought their A-game. My favorite touch is the collar insignia, on the left is the U.S. 28 for the 28th Infantry Regiment, on the right is the crossed rifles traditionally worn by Army infantry (and SF) officers. Nike really outdid themselves, but unfortunately, Navy won the uniforms this year as usual.

Army has a checkered past when it comes to uniforms, as you will see below.

army2102 (1)

In 2010, someone thought that this looks good…
army 2016 (1)
In 2016, they wore their best uniform ever, a uniform honoring Marty Ramseyer’s own 82 Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg, NC. As you can see Nike may or may not have just copied this uniform for this year.
2017 army
Last year Army wore these uniforms honoring the 10th Mountain Division, a unit historically trained in mountaineering, and winter warfare. It is of note that it was a snow game last year, which really completes the look.

Why Navy Will Win

Now after much suspense, I introduce you to the ONLY metric needed to pick games on the fly. Welcome to “The Switzer Method of Picking Games”, as created by me earlier this season. This is the way to throw money at something, without actually doing any research. Let me walk you through why Navy is the clear pick.

Pillar One: Results. They are all that matter, it doesn’t matter what scandals your program is going through, just win.

Obviously, Ohio State is this seasons best example of this. When it comes to Army-Navy there are no scandals or notable discipline issues, so let’s call Pillar One a tie.

Pillar Two: Heart. A team who believes in itself will beat a better team that is complacent.

Advantage Navy, this is a huge rivalry game, and everyone says Army will easily win. Navy comes and makes a statement.

Pillar Three: Ability to “hang half a hundred on ‘em”. Can this team win a shootout?

Neither team has a notable offense, but Navy players can go on to become US Marines and Navy SEALS. Marines and SEALs are known worldwide as some of the best fighters. Advantage Navy.

Pillar Four: Never bet against the Blue Blood.

Upsets are upsets because they aren’t supposed to happen, the favorite team wins an overwhelming amount of the time. Army may be the favored team this year, but Navy is the Blue Blood. Advantage Navy.

In summary, Navy holds the advantage of “look good play good” and three out of four pillars of the Switzer Method. Navy outright.

Delay of Recap: Army

Sometimes, all you can do is take a deep breath, take the win and move on. Saturday is one of those times.

I spent all last week trying to convince myself that the Army triple option threat wouldn’t be an issue, that the OU run defense had improved. Even if the Sooners struggled, I thought OU’s explosive offense would come through in a slog of a game.

Deep down, I kinda thought this could happen. But not like this.

There have been plenty of reasons to call for Mike Stoops’ head over the years, however this game is on the “Mount Rushmore” of worst performances (For the record, mine is ’14 Baylor, the Rose Bowl, ’16 Texas Tech and yesterday’s debacle). It was evident that Stoops didn’t even put in any sort of scheme to counter the triple option.

Like, at all.

The Sooners looked completely unable to stop Army. The proof is in the pudding: the Black Knights dominated time of possession by a whopping 45-15 minute margin. The Oklahoma defense couldn’t get off the field. Kenneth Murray set a school record for tackles because he literally couldn’t leave the field.

The offense, at least what little bit we saw of it, looked pretty okay. Kyler Murray, aside from just an atrocious interception, looked good as both a runner and a passer, accounting for all four Oklahoma touchdowns. Trey Sermon had an effective game on the ground as well, rushing for 119 yard on 18 carries.

The issues came late when it was clear that OU started to panic, playing with this strange blend of desperation and conservatism. The goal line stand, as well as settling for the disastrous final field goal both lead to this game going into overtime when it had no business being there.

Once the game hit overtime, it was clear the OU offense was too good to let the Sooners lose to Army. The second that the game clock was shut off, the Black Knights lost their biggest weapon. Finally, the disaster was over and the Sooners survived.

MVP: The Troops

Seriously, though, shout out to Army. The Black Knights played with as much grit, discipline and preparation as any team I’ve ever seen on Owen Field. They were fully worthy of the standing ovation that they received after the game. Aside from the high level of play, the game was a patriotic spectacle that made it damn near impossible not to appreciate everything the armed services do for our country. Once the obnoxious sting of the Sooners poor play goes away, I think I’ll appreciate this one more.

LVP: Mike Stoops

I already said all I need to say about this guy. His inability to prepare the defense to stop the triple option damn near lost us the game.

Up Next: Baylor in Norman. Time to buckle up; it’s time for conference play.

The Weekend Spread: Week 4

Bobby: 2-5 (11-12)

Jamison: 2-5 (11-12)

Blake: 4-3 (13-10)

Last Week

It was a big week for the Big 12 with some major non-conference wins for Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Despite the loss from his Frogs, it was also a big week for the CrowleyMan, as Blake took a significant two game lead from the pack. Bobby and Jamison look to bounce back this week and get back on track. 

(Lines taken from the beginning of the week)

#7 Stanford @ #20 Oregon (EVEN)

Bobby: Oregon looks to be handling the departure of head coach Willie Taggart well, getting off to a 3-0 start. While the wins haven’t been exactly impressive, they have a big test this week ahead against Stanford. While Bryce Love has dealt with injury concerns this week, he is playing. I’m going with the Cardinal. Stanford, EVEN.

Jamison: Before we start off, last week was a rough one for me. I am not going to say excuses, and hope this week’s picks make up for my performance. Stanford is still my playoff team (and yes, I am keeping Auburn in my playoff picture even after last week). Bryce Love was just out of their game on Saturday with an ankle injury, but I am sure he will be ready to go versus Oregon. I still love KJ Costello and JJ Arcega Whiteside. Give me Stanford versus an unproven Oregon team. Stanford, EVEN

BlakeI could care less about PAC 12 football, but after I witnessed the Colorado mascot get put on the IR by t-shirt cannon last week on Twitter, I now know PAC 12 football is back in a big way.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The T-shirt! His groin! It works on so many levels! <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Dan Lucero (@danluceroshow) <a href=””>September 19, 2018</a></blockquote>

Fun fact, an adult male duck is called a drake, which is not a good look for the duck community lately given recent Drake related events. I think these drakes are a more model example for society and I think the Ducks win a close one at home. Oregon, EVEN

Arizona State @ #10 Washington (UW -18.5)

Bobby: Oh, Herm Edwards. We’ll always have week one and two. I know I ripped Arizona State for hiring him, but honestly the guy seems to have this program semi on the right track. Washington is a way better team, but honestly I don’t know if that makes them actually good. The Huskies didn’t look impressive against Utah last week and I just don’t know if I’m all in on Jake Browning. I’m going with the Sun Devils to cover. Arizona State, +18.5

Jamison: Arizona State did not leave it on the grass last weak versus San Diego State. Washington didn’t either, by only scoring 21 versus Utah. I thought Washington’s offense was going to be more explosive this year, but they have disappointed me this year. Herm will flop after the hype ensued after their upset of Michigan State. Give me Washington by 13. Arizona State, +18.5

BlakeNothing has made me feel some type of way more than when Herm Edwards repeated “Leave it on the grass” over and over again.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Need some Monday Motivation? <a href=””>@HermEdwards</a&gt; has you covered. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; ESPN CollegeFootball (@ESPNCFB) <a href=””>September 10, 2018</a></blockquote>

This is the clip I watch before I start talking to every 10 in the bar and while the speech has improved my game zero fold, I can sleep well every Saturday night knowing I left it all on the grass. Doesn’t matter how good you are, just matters if you leave it on the grass. Hoping Arizona State has more game than I do on Saturday. Arizona State, +18.5

#22 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama (ALA -27)

Bobby: I was big on A&M getting blown out by Clemson; that certainly didn’t happen two weeks ago. While the Aggies aren’t as bad as I thought, they aren’t going to be a match for this Alabama team. This is a truly unstoppable squad that definitely can’t be beat, especially with Tua Tagovailoa who is clearly the best quarterback in the nation. The Tide, who never lose focus in the regular season, surely won’t overlook the Aggies. That would be a real shame. Alabama, -27

Jamison: *copy and paste my write up on Clemson vs. A&M*

Yes, I understand I was very wrong by hyping up Clemson to blow out A&M, but now since its SEC time, the Aggies will begin to show their true color as Aggies. They will not live up to their SEC conference membership, and get blown out by the Alabama team that has the most explosive offense I have seen from them in a while. I am not sold on Kellen Mond as a star. Alabama, -27

BlakeI am calling this one the Battle for the Eastern Front. For all the illiterates out there, the Battle for the Eastern Front was the famous series of battles between the USSR and Nazi Germany in WWII. Obviously, these two countries were the two most hated in the 20th century, and the same is the case with these two teams. The Axis of Evil for college football meet in Tuscaloosa and this is a game where everyone wishes both teams could lose, but sadly there has to be a winner. I am taking ‘Bama after losing badly on Ole Miss to cover last weekend. Alabama, -27

Kansas @ Baylor (BU -7.5)

Bobby: DAMMIT KANSAS. The Jayhawk Train rolled on another week, smashing Rutgers last week. They honestly should be 3-0 headed into this weekend against Baylor. While I think Kansas has legitimately improved, I gotta go with Baylor. The Bears haven’t looked impressive, but after a bad week against Duke I think they come through with a solid win here. Baylor, -7.5


Yeah, that stops this week.

I said Kansas would win two games. They did. Now they are done and the downward spiral will ensue. Baylor wins by 17 here and shows their decent passing attack. Baylor will cover their first spread of the year. Baylor, -7.5

BlakeMy least favorite thing in life is admitting that Jamison is right, but somehow he has been on the been on the right side of history for all of the Kansas picks this season. I still think the Kansas hype is FAKE NEWS. I have questioned my existence since Kansas has won two weeks in a row but the Crowleyman cannot be fooled. All I want is the TCU-Baylor game to mean something again so I am taking Baylor to win by 10. Baylor, -7.5

Kansas State @ #12 West Virginia (WVU -15)

Bobby: My poor dark-horse Wildcats. It just hasn’t worked out for Kansas State this season at all. The two quarterback system, to nobody’s surprise, has gone bust and the Wildcats are quickly looking like team destined for the Big 12 cellar. The Mountaineers are fresh off a break caused by Hurricane Florence and are going to unload on KState. West Virginia, -15

Jamison: Have I not learned yet to not pick K-State? Nope. West Virginia by 14! West Virginia will show they are the much better team, but their recent off weak due to the hurricane will leave them rusty and make some poor mistakes. Kansas State, +15

BlakeHot take alert, but I don’t think that Bill Snyder is that good of a head coach. He leads his team to a marginal record every year and if he was a century younger many Kansas State pundits would say he is a coach that cannot take the next step. However, he is old so they just decided to name the stadium after him and accept an endless stream of 8-4 seasons. Give me the Mountaineers in this one. West Virginia, -15

#17 TCU @ Texas (TCU -3)

Bobby: Like clockwork, here we are; Texas is back again. Sure that USC team is unimpressive, but they are a brand name so the Longhorns are back! Honestly, I’ve written too much about them already so I’m going on a Texas sabbatical until Red River Shootout week. Gotta get a cleanse in.

The Horned Frogs fell short last week against Ohio State, but they proved to be the young threat that they thought they would be. I think they have a tough game in Austin this week but pull off the big win. TCU, -3

Jamison: (Editor’s Note: Jamison’s thoughts on Texas can be found on this week’s Schooner Pod. Needless to say, he does not believe they are) TCU, -3

BlakeEarlier this week, CBS Sports realized the worst article titled “TCU’s roster of rejects looking like one of the nation’s best heading into rivalry game vs. Texas”. There is so many things wrong with this article. First, TCU is going for their FIFTH straight win vs. Texas, which isn’t much of a rivalry if we win every single time. Next, is the fact that our roster is full of rejects. Last, I checked over the last five years, TCU has ended the season ranked the best team in Texas. Thank you CBS Sports for guaranteeing a victory for the Frogs because you know Gary Patterson has this article on every player’s locker. TCU by a million and it won’t even be close. TCU, -3

Texas Tech @ #15 Oklahoma State (OSU -13)

Bobby: So apparently Corndog can play! Taylor Cornelius had a passible game in Oklahoma State’s big win over Boise State, controlling the game through his running game. The OSU defense looked dangerous as did the running game; the Pokes look poised to be a Big 12 contender.

Oklahoma State wasn’t the only team that impressed me out of nowhere; Texas Tech had a huge win against Houston. I did not see that coming whatsoever. Freshman quarterback Alan Bowman looked like the real deal throwing for 431 yards and five touchdowns. This will be a hell of a showdown. Texas Tech, +13

Jamison: OSU’s offense has still not impressed me, but I was wrong with picking Boise State last week. I did say if Gundy found a way to get Corndog to not throw it. I thought Hill and King would get more carries, but Gundy’s love of Corndog would not let that happen. He gave Corndog 16 (!!!!) carries for 41 yards and 2 TD’s. The touchdowns look good, but the YPC does not. I think OSU wins this by 21 because the difference on the defensive side of the ball. Tech’s D has looked miserable thus far, but OSU’s has actually impressed me. Calvin Bundage and the pass rush has made me second guess my ranking of them #8 in the Big 12. Oklahoma State, -13

Blake: Yikes, the red headed step children of their respective states meet for a game that feels big, but will ultimately disappoint just as they have throughout history. Raider rash will be spreading out all over Stillwater this weekend and I will be enjoying some cheese fries from Eskimo Joe’s while I watch the Raiders cover this weekend. Give me the Red Raiders. Texas Tech, +13

Army @ #5 Oklahoma (OU -31)

Bobby: OU is a hard team to predict when it comes to covers. However, this is a way overinflated line for this team. Army isn’t a great team, but with their play style I see them grinding the game to a halt and making this an interesting cover. I think OU’s offense looks great, but Army mucks the game up enough to make 31 a hard pressed cover. Army, +31

Jamison: OU by 27. I have not done well at predicting OU thus far, but I do not mind if we keep winning. The triple option is very difficult to prepare for, and I am questioning who we will use as a sufficient scout team QB to help us prepare. None of our QB’s have the speed to match this, and I suspect we will have to use a RB or WR. Army is actually a good team, a team who won the Commander in Chief trophy last year beating Navy and Air Force. I also harp on how OU does not do well vs. *experienced* running quarterbacks. Our defense will play relatively better, but only solely due to the fact they barely throw. Army, +31

BlakeI haven’t seen Bobby or Jamison’s picks for this game, but I am assuming they are communists for going with OU (Editor’s Note: Nice try, Blake. USA!). I support freedom and what our Constitution stands for so I am going with the Army here. I don’t care that Kyler Murray is a Heisman candidate, I support the troops over anyone, any day. I will be placing a heavy bet on Army this Saturday because I enjoy freedom and I respect the troops unlike the other men at The Schooner Blog. Honestly, all money lost by people betting on OU should be donated to the troops. Army, +31

The Schooner Pod: Week 4

Is it time to time panic in Norman? Bobby and Jamison recap Oklahoma’s 37-27 win over Iowa State, break down the key players in the win, drop the opening edition of Jamison’s Recruitin’ Corner, lament their week 3 losses and predict this week’s slate of games.

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Game Week: Army

After fighting back from some illness in Ames, I’m back. If you want to check out my Iowa State recap, you can check it out here.

We are back in Norman for one last non-conference dance before we dive deeper into the meat of conference play. The opponent this week is a true throwback; the Army Black Knights.

Game Info:

Kickoff: 6 PM CT

TV: Pay-Per View, $54.99; Click Here to Order

Radio: 107.7 The Franchise (OKC), 97.5 KMOD (Tulsa)


Meet the Black Knights

Army, as well as every US Service Academy, runs the triple option. Depending on how you feel about the triple option, this is either really exciting (the option back on Owen Field!) or very concerning (wait we have to tackle?). However it will lead to a completely different style of play than we are used to seeing in 2018 Norman.

I really don’t have a lot to say about Army other than the option is cool. I’m honestly just ready for conference season.

Who to Watch For:

#8 Kevin Hopkins Jr., QB

Honestly, it’s Army. This team plays system football, but does pretty good with it honestly. He leads the Black Knights in rushing and passing, with a surprisingly good ability to pass despite being an option quarterback. Look for him to have a good game for Army, but honestly he’s their best player by default.

Why You Should Be Excited:

There are a lot of non-conference games you’ll see in Norman; the marquee ones (Ohio State, Notre Dame), the good-name-bad-team ones (UCLA, Tennessee) and the random group of five ones (Akron, Louisiana-Monroe).

Army doesn’t fall into any of these. When one of the three service academy football teams come to Owen Field, what results is an experience that’s unlike pretty much anything you’ve ever seen.

Because Army is made up of members of, well, the United States Army, you can’t really heckle them like you would Baylor or Kansas State. I don’t even know if you can heckle them unless you have ties to Air Force or Navy and they are rivals and it’s just understood. Thus, from the get go there is a greater respect for your opponent than any other in the sport.

The respect goes to much higher levels than being friendly; the atmosphere in the stadium grows into a massive patriotic celebration that makes Captain America look subtle. Gameday turns into a crazy, beautiful combination of football, Independence Day and an air show.

How intense is it? OU’s new President, Jim Gallogly is planning on parachute jumping into the game. Honestly I should have just written that part and I would have done my job correctly.


Series History (OU Leads 2-1)

The Sooners and Black Knights don’t have a ton of shared history. The last game between the two was in 1961, long after the Army glory days and in the twilight of the golden Bud Wilkinson era. However, Army is one of the most storied teams in college football, with a tradition and history that most teams could only dream of having.

The peak of this era had to be in 1945, where in the year the US won World War II, Army dominated their competition on their way to a national title, going undefeated. The Knights beat two #2 ranked teams by a combined score of 82-13. They are considered to be one of the greatest teams in the history of college football. No rational person could claim that any other team deserved that season’s national championship.

Key word: rational.