Weekend Spread: Week 0

2018 Final Standings

Bobby: 58-53 Ty: 6-3 (In one guest appearance) Boatin’ Blake: 59-52 Jamison (Ret.): 52-59 Hello everyone, and welcome to Season 2 of The Weekend Spread, our weekly spread prediction, totally not gambling, prediction article. Bobby and Boatin’ Blake return for season two, with a new challenger: Ty from The Schooner Pod. Each week, we’ll pick the spread of each Big 12 matchup, as well as three of the best non-Big 12 games in College Football and now the wildcard individual lock of the week, chosen by each picker. We have to start with Week 0, so let’s dive in!

Miami v. Florida (UF -7)

Bobby: I seriously think Miami has the workings of a dumpster fire. I don’t like the prospects of Manny Diaz as head coach, I’m not sold on the Hurricanes quarterback and I’m not certain that defense can win them ballgames. Florida, while I’m not fully sold on them as a legit playoff contender, is just much farther ahead of Miami as a program. Dan Mullin has his system rolling and if Felipe Franks can have another solid year at quarterback, the Gators will be a solid team in the SEC. Their crazy young O-Line will be tested early Saturday, but ultimately Florida’s offense will be the difference-maker here. Florida, -7 Ty: Florida vs. Miami, what a rivalry. It’s like watching Northern Florida-Man face off against Southern Florida-Man. Nobody really cares what happens, and it doesn’t really have any national implications, since Florida wont even win their division. Even though literally no one that matters cares about this game you still know that us degenerates will be putting the monies on it. Where should you put your monies you may ask? Well, certainly not with Robert “Iowa-State-Is-The-Second-Best-Big-12-Team” Howard the 4th. You, the intelligent independent sports “investor” should allocate your investments to the Ty “Mother-F*n” Lee Sports Investing Fund™. Where does Ty put his money though? He puts it with the damn winners, that’s where. Who is going to win this game and cover the 11 point spread? The University of Florida that’s who. It’s literally that easy. Florida EASILY takes the W from “the U” and easily puts up ELEVEN more points than Miami does. Sorry Miami fans, all of whom are reading this from prison and have never attended a university, y’all are taking a fat L tomorrow. Florida, -7 *Quick legal disclaimer: if you do put your money with Ty and go UF -11 I do require a 25% fee of all winnings before taxes. IF you bet on my advice and lose then The information contained in this article was obtained from publicly available sources and has not been independently verified by Ty. Neither Ty nor Schooner Blog Media makes any representation or warranty, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this article and any liability as a result of this article is expressly disclaimed. The article should not be relied upon to evaluate any potential transaction. Ty is not giving investment advice by means of this article, and this article does not establish a client relationship with Ty unless you win.* Boatin’ Blake*: (The salty seas of education got to The Captain this week, so he is picks only; just insert a spiel about The Turnover Chain or something.) Miami, +7

Arizona @ Hawaii (UA -11)

Bobby: The other important game on Week 0. I love that we are properly starting this season with one of my favorite college football traditions: the late night/early morning Hawaii game. This game is particularly interesting for multiple reasons, primarily, Hawaii’s “on-island effect” when playing at home. The allure of the island and the time jump has been known to bite teams and this Arizona team is a prime upset candidate. The Wildcats were completely unreliable last season and even though Khalil Tate returns at quarterback, I can’t trust this team. But Hawaii? These guys are just awful. Even with the island effect, Arizona will have more time to acclimate to the time and should be ready to roll. Or at least enough to squeak out a cover. Arizona, +11 Ty: Hawaii Golden Rainbow Warriors -or something like that?- (Allegedly a D1 team) vs. the Arizona “I’m-from-SoCal-but-I’m-too-dumb-and-too-poor-to-bribe-a-rowing-coach-to-go-to-a-Cali-school” Wildcats. What a matchup. I personally hate Arizona (the team, the state is beautiful). Arizona is the arch-rival of Arizona State University, an esteemed academic establishment (ASU is probably the hardest school besides UCF to get into tbh) (Ty got in to ASU just saying, not bragging, just letting everyone know). Anyways, Hawaii is playing Arizona on one of the islands out there (I think it’s like the second one or something, definitely not the big one). You the readers do not have a client relationship (only if you win) with Ty for geography advice, its purely for the cash, so let’s get down to business. I am excellent at business, many say the best at business, in fact I’m typing this from the Price College of Business where I type things. Let’s close this deal though: bottom line up front Arizona takes the W here. Hawaii is a one trick pony and that trick is location, their location can really throw off teams, due to the extended travel time. This is Week 0 though, and Arizona is rested and ready to go: a HI trip won’t be the issue that it is in week 7 for example. Hawaii threw the ball well last year, but all you business savvy people know that past results are not always indicative of future results. AZ has a decent offense for the PAC 12 with the PAC’s best rushing game (#frat am I right) they also have a star QB who is supposedly coached by one of the worst coaches for a star QB to have maybe ever, Kevin “I suck but Johnny covered for my absolute inability to be a NCAA HC” Sumlin. Let’s look at what we have now to evaluate, will AZ get 7.5 more points than Hawaii? Well no, that’s literally not possible. It isn’t possible for a few reasons, firstly how are they getting half a point? Secondly Arizona sucks, like actually. Heres that sweet sweet financial advice you’ve been waiting for: Arizona W, Hawaii cover. You heard it here first everyone, when you get that cash just know I need 25% before taxes. Hawaii, +11 Boatin’ Blake*: (insert something probably about Hawaii, islands, crumbs, boats and making the standard late Hawaii pick to save the day.) Hawaii, +11

The Weekend Spread: Week 1

Welcome to Prediction Squad**. This season, in addition to The Schooner Pod guys making their game picks on the podcast, we are bringing on a well-rounded Big 12 opinion maker: my friend, Blake Crowley. A TCU graduate and current Baylor Law student, Blake brings in blisteringly hot takes from outside of the OU bubble. He’s a perfect addition to the squad for Big 12 and general college football content. 

*Jamison’s predictions are transcribed from the Week 1 episode of The Schooner Pod 

**Rebranded to The Weekend Spread in Week 5

Ole Miss v. Texas Tech (TT -2.5)

Bobby: Maybe it’s blind faith, but I see a mediocre Tech team sneaking by probation bit Ole Miss. The Red Raider offense isn’t what it used to be, but the defense is vastly improved.

Jamison:  Ole Miss is not good. With that being said, I still think they’ll beat Texas Tech. It is pretty much a toss up.

BlakeI have never seen people so triggered on Twitter when Ole Miss announced the new Land Shark mascot. Honestly, I am woke on the Land Shark and it is refreshing to see that the SEC further resembles some sort of a zoo with all of their mascots (gators, elephants, multiple tigers, etc.) Give me Ole Miss.

23 Texas @ Maryland (UT -13.5)

Bobby: While I think Texas is going to be wildly overrated this season, they surely won’t blow it game one against Maryland…right? Maryland is a disaster of a program

Jamison: I don’t see Texas losing this one. I think Tom Herman is going to get his guys fired up for a revenge game. I have not heard enough about Maryland to worry about them beating Texas.

BlakeMy favorite time of the year is listening to all of the “Texas is back” crowd. It is music to my ears and I love their tears when they start to lose again. Sadly, I do not think there will be a loss just yet. The 10th iteration of whatever McCoy-Shipley duo they are on now will find a way to win the game and cover the spread.

Tennessee v. 17 West Virginia (WVU -9.5)

Bobby: The Moonshine Bowl! Tennessee is a disaster and WVU is poised to make a big run this season with Will Grier at the quarterback position. If this was at Neyland Stadium, the Vols would have a chance, but alas the game is in Charlotte (???) so I think Country Roads takes out Rocky Top in an easy blow out.

Jamison: Do I have to say anything about Tennessee? They are an absolute embarrassment. Who thought Rocky Top would turn into this? We were just playing them not too long ago and then last season they were absolutely embarrassing to watch. West Virginia is going to start out hot, they are going to look great and get all the hype. They are going to stomp Tennessee into the ground.

BlakeOh my goodness, West Virginia is returning their star quarterback and wide receiver this year, they must be so good…..NOPE. Did we forget what this combo did for them last year?!?!?!

7-6!!!!! YOU HEARD ME. 7-6!!! The national media obviously has never watched a Big 12 game in their life because if they have they know West Virginia will never win a big game and will just be up on the bottom feeders in the Big 12. This team is ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! Give me Tennessee to win in this one (yes, I am aware of what happened to Tennessee in the offseason, but I really think this West Virginia team is that garbage). Trust me, by the end of this weekend, y’all will think I am an oracle because of how right I will be on this pick.  Load the farm on Tennessee.

Nicholls @ Kansas (No Line Available)

Bobby: GIVE ME NICHOLLLLLLLLLS!!! Nicholls wins 10-7 in a game that will barely resemble college football.

Jamison: Ohhhh man. I would love to see Kansas lose this one, but I feel like it’s not worth the laughter. I think Kansas will be “eh” this season. I’m talking two wins. Nicholls will be one of them.

BlakeHonestly, Jamison and Bobby have probably done way too much research for this game then any human should. If Jamison applied his sports knowledge correctly, he would be a fantastic sports bettor, but for some reason wastes all of his time analyzing Streak for the Cash on ESPN.com. Hate to break it to him, but he will never win. Trust their analysis for this game, but I am taking Nipples State.

FAU @ 7 Oklahoma (OU -21)

Bobby: FAU will give OU a hell of a game, but this Sooners team is too good and too aware to let the Owls leave Norman with the upset. They will however, leave with the cover.

Jamison: Don’t put anything past Lane Kiffin; if this game was at a neutral site, it would give me thoughts of that Houston game in 2016. Kiffin and (then Houston Head Coach) Tom Herman are very similar in their coaching style. The learning curve for the OU defense is high, so I think it’ll be a high scoring game. It’ll be close, but a comfortable close. OU by 17.

BlakeIt is safe to say that over my lifetime, I have never gotten an OU bet correct. If my records are correct, I am about 0-31 across all Oklahoma sports. BUT I think there is a chance I reverse that streak this weekend. It would be an absolute shame, just a horrible thing if I happened to bet on OU and the curse continued. An absolute shame it would be. I will be rocking the Crimson and Cream this weekend because there is no way OU loses this game, just absolutely no way. (Editor’s Note: This will be Blake’s last appearance on The Schooner Blog if he inflicts the Crowley Curse on us yet again)

25 LSU v. 8 Miami (MIA -3.5) (Sunday)

Bobby: This is a game between two teams that are really going to disappoint this season; I just think LSU is going to be worse. As much as I love Coach O, I don’t see him lasting long in Baton Rouge.

Jamison: This is a tough one, but I’m going with LSU. I think the “Turnover Chain” era needs to stop. To be honest, I think Miami was just a fad. Last season they weren’t even that good. Plus, with Joe Burrow LSU FINALLY got a good quarterback.

BlakeOut of all the games on the board, I think this one is by far the easiest to pick. LSU might have a good defense, but their offense, specifically passing game, is absolute trash. Miami -3.5 is easy money right here.

14 Michigan @ 12 Notre Dame (ND -1)

Bobby: While I’m not yet all in on the Michigan train this season, I’m waaaay out on the perennially overrated Irish. Michigan wins big.

Jamison: I can talk all day about how good Michigan’s Shea Patterson is. If I had to put my money down on a Heisman dark horse, I would pick him to win in his first year. I think Michigan is going to run through the Big Ten and steamroll Notre Dame.

Blake: I did not know there were bowl games in September, but in this meeting of the Overrated Bowl we have two teams that severely disappoint every season. I think Jim Harbaugh is starting to notice his seat is a little warm, so I will take Michigan here to win by a field goal.

9 Auburn v. 6 Washington (AUB -2)

Bobby: This one is going to be an all time classic QB duel between Jake Browning and Jarrett Stidham. I just can’t see Washington escaping the heart of SEC country with a win against this Auburn team.

Jamison: I love Auburn this year. I think they’ll give Alabama a run for their money this year. I think Jarrett Stidham is the best quarterback in college football; he was great in JUCO, he was great at Baylor. This is his last year and I think he’ll make a name for himself. I think Washington is a really good team, I just think Auburn will be better.

BlakeJarrett Stidham is by far the best quarterback in the nation and you cannot convince me otherwise. The former Baylor Bear is a bomber and actually knows how to throw the football further than 10 yards, a rarity in the SEC. I’ll take Auburn to win in this.

Chimy’s: In Memoriam

Bar Reviews will be doing something a little different for Homecoming this week. We’re going back to simpler times, to the year 2015.

I’m sure you’ve read me bitch about the recent death of one of my favorite Norman bars, Chimy’s, ever since like post number 2. Chimy’s was special in a lot of ways; it had cheap yet iconic drinks, was always decently packed and had the best drinking patio in Norman. Sadly, it closed down last December and the glorious Chimy’s generation graduated out, leaving that glittering lime above the doorway as simply just a memory.

While I had been to Chimy’s a few times, this bar is not mine to review. I was barely 21 long enough back then and was too much of a pussy to find my way in through “alternative methods”, so I don’t really have the experience worth sharing.

That’s why, in the spirit of Homecoming, i’m leaving it up to the old balls to tell the story of the greatest bar that no longer is.

Sum up Chimy’s in the length of a Tweet

Staley: Chimy’s was of the People, by the People, and for the People. Amen

Bussow: God opened a bar for six years, called it Chimy’s, and gave it to the unworthy degenerates of Norman. RIPIP.

Brittain(I get 280 characters) (Editor’s Note: Dammit it Brittain) The greatest college bar of all time and specifically the best part of OU during the Boren/Stoops era. You never know what you have until its gone, man. It had the perfect mixture of sitting down and having drinks with friends to getting completely blackout at the same time. RIP. 

Andrew: Couples costume idea:

Granger: i literally searched “broken_haterade chimys” and my god i tweeted about chimys way too much. anyways here are my favorites.


*12:17 a.m.*

“Dude, I’m so f***ing blackout!”

-Charles Sager, while double-fisting two margs on the Chimy’s patio.

Favorite thing about Chimy’s?

Staley: There was always an organized line(s) for drinks. It didn’t matter what house you were or how big your tits were you waited your ass in line (unless you were fogs where you self served). Also, Mom’s Weekend.

Bussow: Patio. Only bar in Norman where the real party is outside. Cigs, outdoor bar, chicks on picnic tables. This was the holy land.

Brittain: The patio was pretty legendary and to be honest, Chimy’s is 80% of the reason I came to OU when I visited the first time (The other 20% was to win a national championship, thanks Bob for ruining BOTH of those opportunities…). It was the go-to bar in its prime with complete chaos both inside and outside, as an easy first stop for any out of town visitor.

Andrew: Being able to pay the bouncers to get in when they deny your shitty fake.

Granger: chimys on gameday was the stuff of legends, there will never be another chimys.

ChadWell aside from Brothers (RIP in peace), Chimy’s was the only bar I could get into my freshman year. And that’s why I loved them from the get go. Like there were two simple ways to get into Chimy’s:

  1. Use any ID that says you’re over 21. I’m not kidding, there was a night where Collins (Editor’s Note: If you know, you know) let me and like 3 of our pledge brothers use his ID and Chimy’s didn’t give a shit.
  2. Know Fogs.

Aside from practically having no barriers to entry, Chimy’s had the cheapest, yet strongest drinks on campus corner. Walk in with $25. Wake up the next morning in your dorm room bed with your boots and outfit still on from the night before, and being absolutely confused on how you got there.

When was the best time for Chimy’s?

Staley: Obviously gameday, but the real time for Chimy’s was 2013-2014 when the only thing you needed to get a wristband was a fiver.

Bussow: Friday at noon. The official start to every weekend. I wouldn’t leave until Sunday at 2 AM.

BrittainYou honestly can’t go wrong on any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. Saturday night after a football game (home or away) was my personal preference. Everyone was always sufficiently under the influence by this time and it made for a great atmosphere celebrating a W. I also particularly enjoyed getting day drunk on a Friday after a long week. 

Andrew: Gamedays and Chimy’s go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding. Like cocaine and waffles.

Granger: sophomore year for me (that was back in like 2009). fogs and i used to go up to the bouncer at the time and he would ask “how many?” they used to just give us however many we asked for, no wonder why they shut down.

ChadAll the time. On gamedays, everyone and their dog would go to Chimy’s, which makes the lines out of this world. But that wasn’t a problem for us. We would make the swift 1 minute walk to Campus Corner’s second best bar, CVS, and grab ourselves a couple of $2 tallboys and walk our happy asses right back into Chimy’s. No questions asked.

Tropical Thursdays were always a grand ol’ time too. The boys would throw on one of their many Hawaiian shirts and drink the night away.  And then there’s happy hour. Instead of studying for that managerial accounting test the next day, you could go to Happy Hour and drink the stress away.

What was the go-to drink here?

Staley: The DP shootout. It’s hard enough to find a $5 double well that tastes good. But what made the shootout famous was its intuitive 2 straw design, enabling 2 drinkers to simultaneously “shoot” the entire drink in 1 swift go. If this doesn’t glorify binge drinking, I don’t know what does.

Bussow: Chad’s fucking Special with a $5 Pacifico tall boy to wash it down. If you don’t know, you don’t know.

Brittain: Frozen Margarita vs Dr. Pepper Shootout is the Chimy’s version of MJ vs. LeBron. There simply wasn’t another version of the frozen margarita anywhere else in Oklahoma. Great price for the amount of Everclear they put in those. Simply put it put people on their ass in a hurry.

The Dr. Pepper Shootout has its claim too, it was basically a whiskey coke with a twist. The problem is that any bar can probably remake this, but I have a hard time believing anywhere on campus corner could replicate the FM.

Go to drink resolved: Frozen Margarita.

Andrew: the tallboys we would bring over from the CVS across the street.

Granger: double fisting a dp shootout and a marg while smoking cigs outside. see linkedin pic for more info.

Chad: The Chad Special. It always got the job done.

What is your favorite Chimy’s memory?

Staley: My favorite memory had to be my bid day w/ Sigma Nu. If any of y’all know Matt Fogarty, (aka Fogs), he was a regular at Chimy’s. He escorted us straight to the front of the 20 person line, said “they’re cool” and got us all wrist bands

Bussow: *Disclaimer: these are stories I’ve been told. I have zero memory of Chimy’s.*

Tennessee, 2015: Away game, Sterling Shepard dives for the pylon to win in 2OT. Bussie-B punches a hole right through the Chimy’s drywall. Alls good until the old ball-n-chain signs “Mike Bussow” with lipstick next to the hole. That’s the second of five times I’ve been kicked out.

The infamous hole, feat. Granger.

Kansas, 2014: 35 and raining. 11 AM game. Screwdrivers with Granger, Max, Pozo, Sager, and Marty. Sometime in the midst of Perone running for the single game record, we made our way to Chimy’s. I wake up at midnight on a recliner in the middle of a party, covered in puke. Turns out I threw up on a family of four at Chimy’s that day. Also, a very NSFW video of me surfaced that day. Never play f***, marry, kill while blackout.

Patti, 2016: Final Four watch party. The game was miserable but I watched my own mother blackout with 500 of my closest friends. I love you Chimy’s, please come back.

Brittain: Well, I loved every second, but I remember the Kansas OU basketball game to be way better than going to the game at the LNC. Oh, and during the demise of Chimy’s, I called them out on Twitter for getting their own employees to RT/Favorite their own tweets (“Twitter incest”) and they blocked me. Probably deserved.

Andrew: Blacking out after watching us lose by 40 in the final four (Bob Stoops’ fault btw). You win some, you lose some. RIP to the best bar Norman will ever see.

Granger: there are truly too many to name. from when bussow threw up all over a family of four during the kansas game to when fogs went behind the bar one night and started making drinks. even when the first time my parents got drunk at chimys.

ChadMan, there are a lot of memories I could choose from. But there’s one in particular that I’ll always remember because I saw it happen right in front of me. I’m not gonna name the parties involved, but an active’s girlfriend at the time knocked over a trashcan full of cups and beer bottles and got a face full of concrete on the patio. It was crazy. 

Bar Reviews: Jax Bar at Blackbird

Formerly a cajun/soul food restaurant and bar, Jax isn’t as much its own bar as it is apart of a larger bar. Last December, it was absorbed into the larger Blackbird Gastropub complex, which like Jax is apart of the GL Dining Portfolio (This also includes Blu, Brewhouse and The Library; we’ll get to those later). While no longer it’s own restaurant, Jax now operates as the cozy bar of Blackbird, with it’s own feel and separate half of the building.

Sum up Jax in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: Need a place to catch your breath after getting suffocated at Logie’s? Come on down to Jax

Andrew: Google “most average Norman bar” and Jax is the first result. Google knows.

Derielle: ‪Jax’s is the best place for craft cocktails in Norman. Their Game of Thrones seasonal menu gives me life. And their wells aren’t bad either.‬

Granger: friends: “yall wanna leave logies/sevens/valero and go to jax???”



Bussow: F*** it I’m going to Jax. *Skips 1:30 class, puts backpack down at bar*

Which night is the best night for Jax?

Bobby: Any night involving Logie’s. This is the perfect buffer between your pregame and Logie’s and the perfect nightcap for crazy Logie nights.

Andrew: Sunday or Monday night. It’s the only night where something better isn’t going on at another bar.

Derielle: Late on a Friday night is typically when you’ll get the biggest crowd. Even then it’s decently chill which is a nice change.

Granger: tuesday and wednesday nights in april when both nhl and nba playoffs are on.

@drewlawson rip in p.

Bussow: Here’s an underrated night: Sunday night baseball/football at Jax followed by a trip to the Deli. That’s the summer go-to. Other than that, Jax is the play anytime the back door at Logies is closed and I’m not trying to wait in line with the 8-5 football team.

Favorite thing about Jax?

Bobby: There is plenty of space to get your whole group together. Want to chill out on a couch? They have a cool couch area downstairs. Have a Last Supper sized crowd? Bring them up to the second floor room and watch the game. It might be the most comfortable bar on campus.

Andrew: It’s not Logies.

Derielle: Their super comfy couches in the back are the best place to hang out with a group. Also their Brewhouse Beers are super cheap during happy hour.

Granger: when you automatically connect to their wifi>>>

all jokes aside, if youve never wrote a paper / studied at jax then youre missing out. nothing quite like the rush you get while sipping on double wells at the bar on a tuesday trying to cram the past four weeks of a course before your 10am test the next morning.

Bussow: Bar tabs upstairs. Someone’s going to eat shit trying to go to the bathroom every time.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: Jax is mostly dead, which isn’t always a bad thing. But when half your crew are girls and want to bail because Brittany and Nicole don’t think Jax is “lit”, you are going to have a hard time keeping them there.

Andrew: Every girl I’ve ever seen at this bar has been with her boyfriend. Worst place on CC to shoot your shot. Trust me.

Derielle: There’s a lot of times where you can walk in and there’s no one there except for the employees which is a little unnerving. Things also get expensive if you try and get too fancy

Granger: that annoying loud group of fifteen girls that seem to rent out the upstairs for sarahs (generic basic chick name) bday every single time you just wanna sit at the bar and watch sports.

Bussow: About once a week, everyone in Norman realizes Jax is a damn good bar and it gets packed with the Sevens/Logies crowd. F*** that night.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: A rotation of Brewhouse Wheat and Amber. Cheap and made fresh in Norman.

Andrew: Drinks are trash. Get you some loaded queso fries before you wander over to the best bar on CC (Sugs).

Derielle: The Brewhouse Amber Ale is always a winner along with their Vodka Sours

Granger: double tall wells after after 9pm every day of the week.

Bussow: Double Ginger-Vodka short. Got damn do they make some good mixed drinks. No soda, actual mixers. The drinks make you feel WRI, then the tab says $17.62 after 5 drinks. That’s the moment you fall in love with Jax.

Bar Reviews: Logie’s

Anyone that goes to OU has an opinion about Logie’s, usually falling somewhere on the spectrum between “the bar you love to hate” and “the bar you hate to love”. No matter what your thoughts on Logie’s are, everyone will tell you the same thing: no Norman bar crawl would be complete without the Logie’s experience.

Sum up Logie’s in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: When the squad decides to go to Logie’s:

Alt. Tweet (because I’m the owner/editor, deal with it)

Live look at me trying to get a drink at Logie’s on a Friday:

Andrew: Logie’s is where you go to commit shameful acts. Cheap shots, cheap girls.

Ben: Want to question your morals and wonder what you did last night? logies is the place to be.

Michelle: Logie’s: the only place where crises range from orange wedges falling off your beer, to watching your friend bust her teeth on the pavement at 2 A.M.


me: “where we going bro”

friends: “logies”



Derielle: Super cheap shots and loud music videos lead to some of the weirdest and most shambly things you’ll ever see in a public setting.‬

Bussow: Do you like blacking out, MMA, or being groped by 6 guys in one night? Logie’s is the bar for you!

Which night is the best night for Logie’s?

Bobby: Personally, I like Wednesday. The weekends are brutally crowded and Wednesday brings just enough life in from the post-O’Connell’s karaoke crowd to make this bar interesting. This is Logie’s at its best.

Andrew: They’re all the same. No matter what night you go, you still won’t be able to see the 4 that’s probably dancing on you by the back bar.

Ben: honestly any night from wednesday through saturday.

Michelle: Wednesday, because that’s when everyone is at O’Conn’s. (That’s also the night my friend busted her teeth)

Granger: after an ou home football loss (happened frequently the past five years). the players somehow always beat the students to campus corner, makes ya think 🤔

Derielle: I hate when Logie’s is totally packed. I prefer Wednesdays because I don’t have to throw elbows in order to get up to the bar.

Bussow: A lot of terrible options here, but to see everything shitty about Logie’s in one night you need to go Thursday. There’s a line down the block and everybody is there to blackout. Put ‘em back and people watch.

Favorite thing about Logie’s?

Bobby: Aside from this place having some of the best drink deals on campus, they have music videos playing on every TV. It’s a pretty unique touch.

Andrew: The absolutely horrifically disgusting smoking room.

Ben: i don’t know. haven’t remember enough to make a decision.

Michelle: Hands down, their LIT and their $2 shot menu. Their shots are so cheap you can buy your whole village drinks.

Granger:  big fan of the smoking section in the back where i can rip heaters (cigs inside baby!!!).

honorable mention – seeing bussows ex girlfriends and telling them how much he misses them.

Derielle: Logie’s has one of the coolest vibes on campus. Not to mention that the people watching is enough to keep you entertained all night long. That paired with some $2 shots is always a win

Bussow: Logie’s is the one bar in Norman you can stumble into alone and be sure to find a group you know. My fellow fifth years are always parked at the front bar, PC Epsilon (Editor’s Note: if you know, you know) is always at the back bar (Cigs Inside), and Pozo is somewhere in-between any given night.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: When this bar is packed, it can be damn near unbearable. Between the type of people here (lots of douchebags) and trying to keep up with your group, it can be a downright uncomfortable time.

Andrew: Hmmm. Where do I start? First of all, you can’t see shit. I’ll just say this; Going to Logie’s is like going to McDonald’s, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Ben: see previous comment.

Michelle: The line to use the bathroom is 🥜

Granger: bathrooms. as someone who can only piss in stalls, i have nightmares about having to pee at logies.

Derielle: They always seem to let too many people in on the weekends making it nearly impossible to get a drink. Also, there’s always at least one crying-bathroom-stall girl sobbing about who even knows what. Always plan on your bathroom run taking 20 minutes.

Bussow: The culture here sucks. I haven’t walked out of Logie’s without first being dragged into an altercation in two years. I’ve thrown bouncers off of innocent girls they decided to throw some haymakers at. I’ve had an ex get kicked out for trying to choke me out. I’ve gotten cigarette burns and double wells dumped on my head. I took some punches from two 5’0 blondies after watching someone break one of their guy’s noses, thinking it was me. I’ve thrown guys by the neck for groping friends. I f***ing hate this place.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: Double fisting $2 Miller Lite’s with a $2 tequila shot. They can’t water that shit down.

Andrew: Adios motherf****r. You need about 4 of these to make this bar doable.

Ben: long island shot (yes, you read that right) and a coors light.

Michelle: The LIT.

Granger:  honestly, the only way to get a drink here at night is to hit on the soft four who cut her way to the bar top, give her your card, buy her a drink and tell her to get you “whatever shes having.” 9-10 times youll get a shitty shot thats blue in color or has a f*****g gummy worm in it. for all other times, liter of shock top for $4.50 is a steal.

Derielle: $2 shots are the pinnacle of what makes Logie’s, Logie’s. The Pineapple Express shot and good old-fashioned tequila are my two favorites. Their LIT is also the best on Campus Corner.

Bussow: Pitcher of Blue Moon and a round of $2 shots.

What is the strangest thing you’ve seen at Logie’s?

Bobby: One time the video for Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime (the one with all the monkeys and shit) came on when I was blackout drunk. I thought I was tripping balls.

Andrew: I’ve never really seen anything that sticks out because everything there is just so absurd. Probably the Normanites that come out in full force only to sit alone and drink at the bar. If any of them are reading this, here’s some advice: STOP WEARING SUITS TO LOGIE’S.

Ben: engaged women handing out phone numbers like resumes.

Michelle: Some nerdy guy from overseas wearing an “I HEART NY” sweatshirt followed me around the bar to hit on me the entire night.

Granger: anything that happens in this god-for-saken bar after 1130pm qualifies as the “strangest thing ive seen.”

Derielle: Some girl tried to convince me to go tell her boyfriend that she had been cheating on him for the past two months. She then preceded to get incredibly mad when I refused. Later on, she made an appearance as one of the infamous crying-bathroom-stall girls.

Mike: Walked in on a girl using a urinal. No gender identity questions here, straight animals at this place man.

Bar Reviews: McNellie’s

Looking for a true pub? McNellie’s is the place. This Main Street bar boasts an absurdly large beer selection and genuine pub food.

Sum up McNellie’s in the length of a Tweet.

Bobby: I hope you like beer

Joe: Good drinks, aggressively average food.

Mike: A Main Street staple, McNellies is the place for damn good beer, period.

Which night is the best night for McNellie’s?

Bobby: McNellie’s has Pint Night on Mondays. Get a specific beer and you can keep the glass, which isn’t too bad.

Joe: Monday night for sure. You get a pint of beer and keep the glass.

Mike: Wednesday’s $4 burger night is hard to beat, but Monday’s pint night is a can’t miss. Buy the beer, keep the glass and learn to like drinking something other than Bud Light.

Favorite thing about McNellie’s?

Bobby: For Norman, the beer selection is out of this world. If you want a beer, there’s a good chance it’s here.

Joe: The beer selection is the best in Norman.  It’s also a pretty low key bar if you aren’t looking to wait in line at Campus Corner.

Mike: Selection. Over 200 beers and if you have the time or money, trying each one gets you a plaque on the wall and a mug. I’m not saying I’ve drank from Jake Bryan’s mug but I’m not saying I haven’t. From Stiegel with a shot of clementine Svedka, to “chocolate milk,” you’ll find something great here every time.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: I’m pretty sure i’ve sat by a table playing Magic the Gathering in here before.

Joe: The food is definitely overpriced for what you get.

Mike: This should be a great place to catch a weekday football game, but the TV/Projector setup is disappointing and nonexistent at the bar. I get the whole “put down your phone and talk to someone” vibe the bar is pushing, but 80% of the people there have nose rings and neck tattoos. Not my crowd and not anyone reading this’s crowd.

What’s the go-to order here?

Bobby: It usually depends on what’s new on tap. So usually something local, I usually go with something from Prairie or Anthem.

Joe: Boulevard Tank 7 or St. Bernardus ABT 12 (Editor’s Note: Typical Joe)

Mike: The Sunday afternoon hangover cure: A bowl of beer chili, cheese, and crackers, with a Crispin Cider on the side.

Bar Reviews: Volare

One of the newest bars on Campus Corner, Volare offers an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Norman. This upscale venue has three levels including a roof top bar with an unrivaled view of campus. Volare is also known for it’s authentic Neapolitan pizza oven, one of the few in the state. One year in, is Volare a nice new addition to Campus Corner, or does it stick out like a sore thumb?

Sum up Volare in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: Need a place to impress your mom or out of town friend? This is stop #1.

Andrew: As Campus Corner’s new Gameday hotspot, Volare is the king of rooftop bars in Norman.

Granger: img_3160

Derielle: The best view on campus corner, but not always the cheapest option for a night out.

Which night is the best night for Volare?

Bobby: I feel like i’ve never really been here at night, but the rooftop is a great pregame spot, especially when the weather is good. Hit up happy hour for maximum bang for your buck.

Andrew: Gamedays at Volare have been a hit so far. This is the new place to be on Saturdays in Norman (RIP CHIMY’S).

Granger: i only drink when the sun is up. with that being said, 2pm on wednesdays when you are “done” with classes and the weekend is here.

Derielle: Friday nights at Volare are great because if you can get a good spot at the rooftop bar you can see them running through all the graphics on the screen for the football game the next day.

Favorite thing about Volare?

Bobby: This one is easy; it’s the rooftop bar. Volare has easily the best view in Norman, a view so good that it covers up the several flaws of this bar.

Andrew: The atmosphere. A rooftop overlooking Campus Corner is hard to beat. The pizza is also incredible.

Granger: leaving and going to jax.

Derielle: Volare is probably the most classy bar on campus corner. So it’s nice being able to go there for a nicer drink and to have just a chill night.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: The prices are steep for a college bar. To be fair, they definitely have learned to better cater to their target demographic by introducing more affordable drink options and one of the best happy hours in town. However, if you want anything really good, you’ll have to cough up at least 10 bucks a drink.

Andrew: The drinks can get pretty expensive – expect to drop some cash if you wanna leave with any sort of buzz.

Granger: taking a fucking elevator to the third story rooftop bar.

Derielle: Any of their speciality drinks are going to run you about $8. They also are very limited on their happy hours when they even have them. It’s quite expensive so it’s definitely a one or two drink kind of place.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: $3 Fat Tire for happy hour and well rum and Cokes for every other time. Unless you are loaded, you gotta drink effectively to go the distance here.

Andrew: Double well drinks for 4 bucks. I don’t know if it’s the best tasting, but efficiency is key.

Granger: nothing says lets-get-wednesday-afternoon-day-drunk quite like $2 dos equis in a plastic cup.

Derielle: If I’m getting one of their fancy drinks, it’ll definitely be the SS 163, which has a sangria popsicle in it. Super good.

Bar Reviews: O’Connell’s

This blog won’t just be about football. That would be lame and pretty boring. The travel angle of The Schooner Blog is one of the main reasons I’m doing this thing. Other than the football (it’s mainly the football), the coolest part of this to me will be going to all the bars and local restaurants that you can only find in that town. So why not look at the good, bad and downright shitty bars around Norman too?

To start off the Bar Review series, i’m looking at O’Connell’s on Campus Corner. And because no bar trip is worth it without a crew, i’m having some good friends add their expert options to the mix.

Sum up O’Connell’s in the length of a Tweet

Bobby: In my opinion, currently the best place to sit down, get solid food and get fucked up on Campus Corner. One of the last legends left here.

Andrew: O’Conn’s is the vanilla ice cream of campus corner bars. Not too exciting, but it’s reliable and will get the job done until everyone wants to go to an actual bar.

Derielle: The best-worst karaoke that you’ll ever experience. The atmosphere is laid back in a very satisfying way that makes you never want to leave.

Which night is the best night for O’Conn’s?

Bobby: Other than Gameday, Wednesday is the peak day for O’Connell’s. Wednesday Karaoke packs this place early, but other than that attendance can be spotty. I’m not a freshman so I wouldn’t know, but it seems like this is the new weekday hangout for underclassmen with Brothers and their classic Thursday drown night getting the boot (Kong’s Tavern review coming soon). It gets busy on other nights too, but Wednesday is the one day that O’Conn’s is king.

Andrew:I really want to say that Wednesday is the best night for O’Conn’s, but if you want a real Karaoke night go to The Deli on a Tuesday.

Derielle: For underclassmen, Wednesday night at O’Conn’s is the place to be. There’s a line out the door and you can always hear someone singing a Katy Perry song off key. It’s loud and crowded but it’s a guarantee that you’ll run into at least three people that you know. For upperclassmen, O’Conn’s is basically perfect at any time. They have great student discounts on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and also usually have drink specials running the rest of the week if you just ask. There’s never a bad time to split a rocket among friends.

Favorite thing about O’Conn’s?

Bobby: It’s probably the best “gathering place” type of environment on Campus Corner. You can go for hours here with the right group.

Andrew: I like how close it is to Logie’s.

Derielle: I love actually being able to sit down in a bar and be able to talk to the people that I am with. The big booths in the back are my favorite place to be.

Least favorite thing about the bar?

Bobby: If you have a party over about four it gets hard to fit everyone into one place. It’s not exactly the biggest hotspot on Campus Corner either.

Andrew: Too many freshman. Get a fucking bouncer at the door, O’Conn’s.

Derielle: Wednesday nights are a blessing and a curse. You have to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’ll be packed full of freshman and the service and get bogged down because of it.

What is your go-to drink here?

Bobby: The Big Tex Shot, which is Crown Royal dropped into Red Bull and orange juice. In a bar that tries to nail down the basics, this is a rare specialty shot. Runner up goes to the beer rockets.

Andrew: Double whiskey coke. Cheap and effective.

Derielle: The Long Island Iced Tea. I know this is a common one, but O’Con’s has probably one of the best in Norman, as well as a frozen LIT if you want to mix it up. For shots, I’d go with staples like the Lemon Drop or Vegas Bomb.