• Army-Navy Preview - Editor’s Note: While the college football bowl season is still a bit away, the season isn’t over yet: we still have Army-Navy. While we know a little bit about Army (who should be ranked), we brought in a guest writer and active duty Marine to get you both educated and hyped for one of the … Continue reading "Army-Navy Preview"
  • Delay of Recap: Army - Sometimes, all you can do is take a deep breath, take the win and move on. Saturday is one of those times. I spent all last week trying to convince myself that the Army triple option threat wouldn’t be an issue, that the OU run defense had improved. Even if the Sooners struggled, I thought … Continue reading "Delay of Recap: Army"
  • The Weekend Spread: Week 4 - Bobby: 2-5 (11-12) Jamison: 2-5 (11-12) Blake: 4-3 (13-10) Last Week It was a big week for the Big 12 with some major non-conference wins for Texas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Despite the loss from his Frogs, it was also a big week for the CrowleyMan, as Blake took a significant two game lead from the … Continue reading "The Weekend Spread: Week 4"
  • The Schooner Pod: Week 4 - Is it time to time panic in Norman? Bobby and Jamison recap Oklahoma’s 37-27 win over Iowa State, break down the key players in the win, drop the opening edition of Jamison’s Recruitin’ Corner, lament their week 3 losses and predict this week’s slate of games. <enclosure url=”; length=”56924910″ type=”audio/x-m4a” ></enclosure> If you haven’t already, … Continue reading "The Schooner Pod: Week 4"
  • Game Week: Army - After fighting back from some illness in Ames, I’m back. If you want to check out my Iowa State recap, you can check it out here. We are back in Norman for one last non-conference dance before we dive deeper into the meat of conference play. The opponent this week is a true throwback; the … Continue reading "Game Week: Army"